VoiceGenie Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy With AI-Powered Voice Assistants

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Connecting with potential customers during a sales call involves more than just uncomfortable small talk.

Once you have pinpointed a promising lead, crafted a compelling sales email, and scheduled a call, you may have already devoted a significant amount of time to converting just one potential customer.

This is where an AI voicebot comes in handy, as it can engage with customers in a personalized manner similar to a human sales representative, enabling you to expand your business effortlessly.

Meet VoiceGenie.


Revolutionize your sales and marketing strategy with VoiceGenie – the ultimate voicebot platform powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

1.Say goodbye to boring sales calls and hello to AI-powered voice assistants that can engage in real conversations.
2.Boost your lead qualification process and focus on the most important leads with VoiceGenie.
3.Watch your sales numbers skyrocket with the help of generative AI technology.
4.Cut down on manual tasks and let VoiceGenie handle the repetitive parts of your sales process.
5.Don’t miss out on potential customers – let VoiceGenie do the talking and close those deals for you!

My Review

I have rated VoiceGenie 5.00 stars/5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, normally priced at $600, is now available to me for just $59- a 90% discount.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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VoiceGenie Overview

VoiceGenie is an AI-powered voicebot platform that boosts lead qualification, product marketing, and sales.

Create a customizable voice assistant to engage with leads and move them through your sales funnel.

Customize the name, gender, accent, and scripts of your assistant.

Add phone numbers for human agents to transfer calls when needed.

Run automated engagement campaigns to develop relationships with prospects.

Call multiple users automatically with your voice assistant.

Maximize campaign performance with VoiceGenie’s automated campaign manager.

Tailor sales calls with dynamic scripts that integrate prospect details.

Initiate meaningful conversations with personalized information.

Leverage dynamic scripts to boost connection.

Get actionable insights from calls with analytics, recordings, and transcripts.

Improve your outreach strategy using post-call analytics.

Automate sales calls, manage campaigns, and view call analytics with VoiceGenie.

Maximize outreach with AI.

Get lifetime access today!

By the founders

Hey Sumo-lings! I’m Anurag, co-founder of VoiceGenie.

Our platform uses generative AI to give you a virtual voice assistant that will revolutionize your customer interactions.

With VoiceGenie, you can instantly scale your business processes using our AI-powered virtual assistants.

Enjoy faster lead qualifications, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated growth.

We’re excited to be part of the AppSumo community and announce our launch.

VoiceGenie was created by our dedicated team at Oriserve, with 80 experts in the “Sales Enabling Conversation AI” field.

We’ve already handled over 1 billion conversations for large enterprises.

Here are the key highlights of VoiceGenie: – Conversational Excellence: Engage with customers in natural, human-like conversations for a great experience. – Multilingual: Speak multiple languages and dialects to ensure all customers feel heard and understood. – Reach a broad audience: Call hundreds of potential customers with just one click. – Call Transfers: Easily transfer calls to humans after lead qualification. – 24/7 Availability: Never miss an opportunity with an always-on sales assistant.

Engage customers anytime, boosting satisfaction and driving sales. – Easy Voice Assistant Creation: Train your assistant in plain English or provide your business link and answer follow-up questions to quickly generate your assistant script. – 24×7 Technical Support: Our team of 80 experienced professionals is always available for top-notch technical assistance.

VoiceGenie is the perfect tool for businesses and SAAS companies looking to scale their sales and marketing efforts.

Elevate your sales game with VoiceGenie and experience the transformative power of AI-driven sales assistance.

Try VoiceGenie today and instantly scale your business’ sales process to propel your business forward.

Anurag Jain's other message

Ori Labs Ltd was founded in 2023 and is located at 4th Floor 205 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom.

The team size is around 50 in development, 5 in marketing, 7 in sales, 10 in operations, and 8 in support.

The company is bootstrapped and critically dependent on Twilio and Generative LLMs.

Customer data is stored in Stockholm, Sweden.

There are currently 1000+ customers.

The idea for VoiceGenie came from the challenges SMEs face when scaling their sales processes.

Ori Labs saw an opportunity to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to create a sales-driven voice assistant accessible to every business.

VoiceGenie aims to solve the struggle of scaling sales teams for SMEs by providing highly trained AI assistants that can be quickly deployed.

The goal of the AppSumo campaign is to gain feedback, virality, word-of-mouth, and use cases.

The plan is to increase the user base, reinvest cash into product development, and better understand the product’s positioning in the market.


Revolutionize your sales strategy and take your business to new heights with the VoiceGenie Lifetime Deal! This exclusive offer at just $59 with a one-time purchase is a game-changer you don’t want to miss.

Unlock the power of AI-powered voice assistants to streamline your processes, engage customers like never before, and boost your sales effortlessly.

Click that button below and seize this limited-time opportunity to transform the way you do business! Your future success awaits with VoiceGenie – don’t let it slip away!

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FAQ about VoiceGenie

What is VoiceGenie?

VoiceGenie is a revolutionary voicebot platform leveraging advanced AI to transform sales and marketing strategies.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, VoiceGenie enhances customer interactions and boosts engagement through personalized, interactive experiences.

Revolutionize your approach with VoiceGenie today!

Is VoiceGenie worth it?

Yes, VoiceGenie is worth it! It revolutionizes sales calls by using AI-powered voice assistants for engaging conversations.

It enhances lead qualification processes, increasing efficiency and sales.

Its personalized approach sets it apart in the market.

Say hello to a game-changer in sales!

Does VoiceGenie offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, VoiceGenie is currently offering a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

Ordinarily priced at $600, you can snag it now for just a one-time payment of $59.

This deal provides you with full access to all of VoiceGenie’s features and benefits for life.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Who Should Purchase VoiceGenie?

VoiceGenie is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs looking to save time and money.

With features like AI-powered voice assistants for engaging sales calls, it’s perfect for those who want to streamline their customer interactions.

Say goodbye to boring calls and hello to a more efficient way of boosting your business’s productivity.

Does VoiceGenie offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Yes, VoiceGenie offers a 60 day money-back guarantee on AppSumo.

This AI-powered voice assistant revolutionizes sales calls by engaging in real conversations, making it a must-have for businesses looking to enhance customer interactions and boost sales.

Say goodbye to boring sales calls!

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VoiceGenie Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
VoiceGenie Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

Original price was: $600.00.Current price is: $59.00.

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