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U-xer Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD? - AUTOWRITE

U-xer Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

- 82%

Original price was: $276.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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Lifetime Deal
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Revolutionize Your Workflow With U-xer’s Computer Vision Automation

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It can be challenging to focus on the broader perspective of your business when you are overwhelmed with tedious tasks and routine work. (“Sorry, can’t chat right now.

Need to organize my files into folders.

Yes, again.”)


Automate your work, amplify your productivity with U-xer – the ultimate computer vision-based automation tool.

– Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity with U-xer’s revolutionary computer vision technology!
– Take back your time and let U-xer handle the repetitive tasks for you.
– Boost efficiency and eliminate human error by automating UI testing with U-xer.
– Windows, macOS, web apps – no problem! U-xer can handle it all.

Try it now and see the difference!

My Review

I have rated U-xer 5.00 stars/5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, normally priced at $276, is now available for just $49- a -82% discount.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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U-xer Overview

U-xer is an RPA and computer-based vision automated testing tool that was engineered to handle all the repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing you up to focus on the more important things.

U-xer, a computer vision automation tool, can imitate your screen, clicks, and keyboard activities.

By leveraging a large language model (LLM), this tool is capable of producing automation scripts through natural language.

Furthermore, its robotic process automation (RPA) abilities empower you to harness computer vision technology for the purpose of automating mundane tasks.

Utilize computer vision technology for the development of easy-to-use automations.

With U-xer, you can create automations using straightforward text inputs–as simple as writing down a list of tasks.

This means that you can automate performing tasks such as writing, checking, and opening a browser, even if you aren’t skilled at coding.

Due to its support for intuitive linguistic processing, this tool easily processes natural language and can execute your words into scripts for automation.

U-xer allows users to transform verbal commands into automated scripts.

More importantly, U-xer assists in maintaining connectedness by delivering comprehensive updates on each automated event.

The percentage of automations that have fallen into four categories—succeeded, failed, attracted errors, and sat in the queue—can be quickly seen, as can an overall view of real-time automations in order to ease simple or intricate tasks.

U-xer is equipped to automate old-time programs, three-dimensional elements, photos, games, and internet-based or computer-based applications on Windows and macOS, in an effort to create an efficient work process.

Automate images, games, or web and desktop applications with ease.

Do you want to run automations on designs without coding? Just take a screenshot and send the commands to U-xer.

Instead of reliant on front-end code dependencies, this tool can browse your screen just like humans do.

As it is easy to create automations, you can fit U-xer into any phase of the development process—from brainstorming to mid-development.

To take things up a notch, U-xer adapts seamlessly to updates without needing a ton of maintenance, freeing you up to get more work done.

Alternatively, U-xer is a low-maintenance solution that effortlessly integrates updates with automations.

Packed with groundbreaking technology, U-xer can help you automate tasks, simple or complex, with no technical skills required.

Automating any process is available now with U-xer for lifetime access!

By the founders

Hey, World!Come and learn what U-xer founders have to say about revolutionizing automation through their newest development, U-xer.

Middle Eastern entrepreneurship that introduces an 8-figure seed into its ecosystem will be accompanied by four service providers in software development that contribute significantly to the founders’ vision of “Important, Not Important.”
What is U-xer about? U-xer is not just another tool; it’s the future of test automation and RPA.

U-xer utilizes computer vision technology and is expressly designed to recognize and communicate with various user interfaces as if it were a human being – minus unfortunate deviations and delayed coffee breaks!
Why are we here? It’s to investigate AppSumo community group expertise.

U-xer is an automation tool unlike any other in market.

Our goal? U-xer’s real full potential needs to be unlocked and refined in our tool’s environment.

Support from our team looks very different than upsell; real collaboration between the team and community to dig into U-xer potential.
“Who Are We?

Quality Museum has been a leader in software testing and quality assurance since 2015, catering to both major companies and new businesses.

U-xer, our most recent development, represents our proficiency and devotion to establishing pioneering regulations in automation.”

Zekeriya_U-xer's other message

Can you tell me the date of establishment of your company as well as its whereabouts?
Our company is called Quality Museum Software Testing Services and was established in 2015.

Our product, U-xer, is currently in development and is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2022.

Our headquarters is located in Turkey.

Please share your past projects, failures, or successes in your career.

We have created numerous frameworks with the help of freely available and paid libraries like Selenium, Playwright, and UIPath.

These libraries have similar constraints, but our goal is to use their strengths and remedies to create more content to be useful for users.

We have positioned our product as a friendly user and human-friendly assistants.

Our team is experienced in banking, finance, insurance, and e-commerce industries.

How many people are on your team?


Don’t let this game-changing deal slip through your fingers! U-xer’s Computer Vision Automation is set to transform the way you work, making tasks faster and more efficient than ever before.

For just $49, you can revolutionize your workflow with this exclusive lifetime offer.

Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to streamlined productivity – click that button now and seize this limited-time opportunity! Let U-xer take your work to a whole new level today!

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FAQ about U-xer

What is U-xer?

U-xer is a cutting-edge computer vision-based automation tool designed to streamline tasks and enhance productivity.

Tailored for entrepreneurs, U-xer automates workflows, saving time and effort.

Maximize efficiency with U-xer’s innovative technology!

Is U-xer worth it?

Yes, U-xer is definitely worth it! With its revolutionary computer vision technology, U-xer helps you say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity.

Let U-xer handle the time-consuming work for you, allowing you to focus on more important tasks and take back your valuable time.

Does U-xer offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, U-xer is offering a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

This deal is usually priced at $276, but with a one-time payment of just $49, you can access all its features for a lifetime.

It’s a great opportunity to get this tool at a heavily discounted rate and enjoy its benefits without any recurring payments.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

Who Should Purchase U-xer?

Entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations and boost productivity should consider investing in U-xer.

Its cutting-edge computer vision technology eliminates repetitive tasks, saving time and money.

Say hello to increased efficiency with U-xer’s innovative features!

Does U-xer offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Yes, U-xer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on AppSumo.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity with U-xer’s revolutionary computer vision technology.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can avail of the money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

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U-xer Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
U-xer Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

Original price was: $276.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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