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Streamline Your Workflow And Focus On What Matters Most

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Performing repetitive tasks is not only irritating but also draining your energy, as you are not a machine.

Creating your own automations may seem time-saving, but it often involves complex coding and intricate API integrations.

Imagine if there was an AI-based solution that simplifies the process of capturing website actions and creating productivity-boosting automations without the need for coding.

Meet TaskMagic.


Boost your productivity with TaskMagic – the AI-powered solution for streamlining your tasks and workflows.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to effortless efficiency.

– Tired of wasting time on mundane tasks? Let TaskMagic do the work for you!
– Boost productivity and efficiency with TaskMagic’s AI-powered automation tool.
– Say goodbye to coding and hello to smarter workflows.

Try TaskMagic today!
– Transform your business with the power of AI – all thanks to TaskMagic!

My Review

I have rated TaskMagic 4.92 stars out of 5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, which is normally priced at $588, is now available to me for just $79- a -87% discount.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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TaskMagic Overview

TaskMagic uses artificial intelligence to help you capture the processes used in carrying out tasks.

Then, you can use this recorded data to create automations for your workflow.

These automations can have very sophisticated structure, but you never need to write any code.

You might think of TaskMagic as a kind of bridge between human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

Unlike Zapier and other automation tools, TaskMagic allows you to automate internet activities that are done manually.

Activities like clicking on buttons, typing text, copying and pasting, as well as processes that involve a combination of all these things, are cumbersome and can be automated to save time.

Easily add pre-built automation templates for social media platforms and popular tools to your workflow with a single click.

This streamlined tool lets you extract content from web pages to carry out automated tasks.

It is perfect for Instagram and LinkedIn users who need to send lots of similar messages and who want a more efficient and reliable way to do it than by clumsily cut-and-pasting.

Need a little inspiration to begin? Not a problem! We’ve got you covered.

TaskMagic is designed to suggest what you can automate and to help you make the most of your newfound power—speeding up your work, minimizing mistakes, and letting you focus on the parts of your job that really matter.

You can opt for automation templates that are already built for you and then seamlessly import them into your workflow.

Building custom automations is as simple as making a screen recording—you just hit the “add automation” button and do your work.

You have complete creative freedom to make the automation as long or short as you want.

While you’re recording, you can keep track of the steps you take and can stop the recording whenever you like.

After you have finished editing your tasks in TaskMagic, you can then play back and watch the recorded steps.

The gameplay will appear extravagant and disconnected, like something from a magic show.

But they’ll see that those steps they just recorded have all been followed in the same sequence and with the same outcome.

By the founders

Hello, Sumo-lings! A few of you have shown some skepticism about TaskMagic and what it can really do.

Well, allow me to set the record straight.

From the moment it made its appearance, TaskMagic won over some ardent fans who couldn’t wait to extol its virtues.

And for good reason! TaskMagic is one powerful, capable tool, something that admirers of Zapier (a program that connects apps and automates tasks) have compared to it, calling TaskMagic its equivalent or—more bluntly—its ringer.

The supporters of this software aren’t bots or a cast of actors, but genuine people who have an affinity for the tool and, in most cases, a use for it that makes their work life easier.

TaskMagic’s development of a devoted community is no less mythical than its singular status of being an unparalleled tool.

The primary task some people in the community have given themselves is that of singing the praises of TaskMagic.

What is the reason I invest energy into this explanation? Simple: At AppSumo, we’re in the business of building community.

We know that whenever one of you remarkable Sumo-lings gets to the launching stage of a product, we’re not just gonna be the OG cheerleaders rooting for nothing.

We’re going to be right there with you, pushing your events, and making sure you’ve got a win.

That’s what communities are for.

I understand, I really do.

When you’re about to spend the money you had to work hard for, it feels better to know why the reviews are so positive.

That’s why I think it’s so important to lay out the story behind how reviews come to be—when the reviewer joined AppSumo, for example, as well as how many deals they’ve bought.

Some reviews will be done by people who, like me, have been at this for years.

Others will come from first-time Sumolings.

Either way, we promise to give you the totality of the information you need before you make a purchase.

Examining the legitimacy of reviews means some posts may be placed in the moderation queue or even be denied, only to later be approved if we conclude that they are in fact, genuine.

If we didn’t do this, questionable comments would populate our site, reducing users’ trust in what they read.

This kind of situation reminds me of playing hide-and-seek.

On the one hand, it makes sense for our company to maintain trust with you as a current or potential customer.

And it makes even more sense when you realize that our “team” is really a bunch of talented individualists working with a system of highly coordinated “checks and balances” to ensure that you will find our reviews useful, reliable, and fun.

TaskMagic can make your job more exciting, and we are here to help it move forward.

We are looking at the product you’ve shared and discussing how we can all help it get to the next level.

Keep it hot.

Noah Kagan's other message

We have had many requests for Webhooks to be included in this deal.

The addition of a new Tier 4 to the offer unlocks this feature!The hard-working team at Taskmagic made this possible.

And you Sumo-lings have been great in providing feedback about how beneficial Webhooks would be for your businesses.We understand that Webhooks are a must for many businesses.

So, we’ve added a Tier 4 to the AppSumo license, and this Tier will be the first level to unlock Webhooks.

You can afford it, and our campaign is stable enough to provide some financial support for the Taskmagic team.


Don’t let this opportunity slip away! TaskMagic’s Lifetime Deal for only $79 is your ticket to streamlining your workflow and prioritizing what truly matters.

With features designed to enhance your productivity, this exclusive offer is too good to pass up.

Click that button now to seize this limited-time deal and revolutionize the way you work!

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FAQ about TaskMagic

What is TaskMagic?

TaskMagic is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity by simplifying tasks and workflows.

It eliminates manual processes, boosting efficiency effortlessly.

Ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking streamlined operations.

Experience the magic of TaskMagic today!

Is TaskMagic worth it?

Yes, TaskMagic is worth it! Tired of wasting time on mundane tasks? Let TaskMagic do the work for you! Boost productivity and efficiency with TaskMagic’s AI-powered automation tool.

Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to more time for strategic thinking and creativity.

Try TaskMagic today and experience the difference!

Does TaskMagic offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, TaskMagic does offer a Lifetime Deal! You can grab it on AppSumo for just $79 instead of the regular price of $588.

This one-time payment gives you unlimited access to all its amazing features, making it a fantastic deal worth considering.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your task management!

Who Should Purchase TaskMagic?

Entrepreneurs looking to save time and money should consider purchasing TaskMagic.

With its time-saving features, TaskMagic is perfect for those tired of mundane tasks.

Boost productivity and efficiency effortlessly.

Let TaskMagic work its magic for you!

Does TaskMagic offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Yes, TaskMagic offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on AppSumo.

TaskMagic is a tool designed to help you save time on mundane tasks, boost productivity, and efficiency in your workflow.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can avail of the money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

110 reviews for TaskMagic Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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  1. m (verified owner)

    Filling out forms to create automations is maddening. But what if you could just show someone how it’s done and then let them follow your steps, like a video? That’s what Zapier promises to do. And as a user, I was excited by this because it seemed to be a far easier way to build out automations.

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  2. 1 (verified owner)

    Typically, I only discuss tacos on Tuesdays…but the app Task Magic is outstanding. I depend on it to automate correspondence for a host of businesses. Just record your task, set it going, and it just…works. And there are certainly more complicated tools seemingly designed for the exact same purpose, but I find the customer support for this one to be top-notch. When you have a question, you’ll typically get a response within 24 hours! I signed up for Task Magic even before I started my free trial because their livestreams of office hours on YouTube really won me over.

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  3. a (verified owner)

    I’ve utilized a plethora of tools over time for niche tasks, and they worked well enough, but nothing compares to Task Magic! I’m sincerely impressed with what the developers have created and look forward to implementing it as part of my daily workflow.

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  4. d (verified owner)

    I am already a huge fan of TaskMagic. It makes building automations incredibly easy. It gives me a lot more control than I feel I have when I use IFTTT or Zapier. And while I understand that those are useful in their own right, with TaskMagic, I can be sure that my automations will always work the way I want them to. And, again, I don’t actually have to do any coding. I’m a copy-paste kind of a guy, and with TaskMagic, I can copy-paste stuff and make my own little automations.

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  5. t (verified owner)

    The app carries a lot of promise and could easily eclipse competitors like Zapier. Still, a few bugs give some pause, and the current security oversight is more than a little worrying.#1 When I tried to access YouTube Tutorials, I was redirected to a channel with a completely different person the top of the webpage claimed Task Magic; thus, I assumed the content was going to be related somehow. Browsing through the videos, though, it became apparent that if there was a Task Magic connection, it wasn’t made in any explicit way.The Road Map left me feeling down. It felt insignificant. Such an innovative and useful tool should have clear and exciting signs that point toward something new and important—a bold next thing.Despite the many issues, it is a very cool tool. I would endure the difficulties if the developers would just invest the necessary time to set up a proper YouTube channel. They could create tutorials and offer a clear roadmap of where the tool is headed.

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  6. j (verified owner)

    When it comes to most new products, I’m generally very skeptical. However, this one took me by surprise. It’s just so easy to use. I press the button to start recording what I’m doing, and it faithfully captures every moment. I’m really glad I got to test this thing. I just hope they add more templates. The value is there for sure. I can’t wait to see what they do next with it. Great job!

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  7. S (verified owner)

    I have several automation tools, all of which are very complicated. This one, however, is not. It simply does what it promises: record. And when you’re done recording, you’re 99% of the way there. From that point, you can do whatever you need to do to “spice it as you want.” So, for example, let’s say you are running a “routine” every day (as you should be), and you have this stack of digital applications that you are supposed to open and work in to get your mundane tasks done. You open the first one and … yet another enormous set of instructions confronts you. Ugh. But with this tool, you can cut through all that, just “act as if” for five minutes, and be done with the routine (for the day) in less time than it takes to make a pot of coffee.

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  8. K (verified owner)

    Everything is going well up to this point! It is genuinely an enjoyable experience to get started and then immediately start creating automations. A few things I’ve found (which I equate to “magic” so far) have replaced some rather time-consuming tasks in my daily workflow. I still have a lot to learn about the platform, and I’m excited to do so. As the roadmap for the product unfolds, some significant features—such as report generation, alert notifications, being able to access the platform offline, and being able to automate tasks outside the scope of the browser—could all prove to be fantastic solutions for certain use cases.

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  9. p (verified owner)

    The software is incredibly powerful and doubles as a macro recorder—you hit the record button and do what you want it to do, and it does it on your behalf. After the tier-4 upgrade, this has become a wonderfully monstrous tool with all the full power of webhooks, schedules, triggers, Google integration, and so forth. Then, because it’s all open to the world (or, at least, all Sumo-ling users), you can leave the other tools in your toolbox, because, inevitably, they come with complexities and steep learning curves. (Like, there’s no way you’re going to open Citrix anytime in your life. Give us a break, man.)

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  10. R (verified owner)

    I don’t know much about the “Appsumo-lings,” but I’m pleased to be part of the community now. I have used this application since its beta launch, and I have been following it for quite some time. I’m glad they finally released it.

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  11. k (verified owner)

    The most excellent scraping tool that I have come across, although not properly categorized as a web builder. Why do they group this with web builders? I only see its use for scraping.

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  12. V (verified owner)

    I really enjoy using TaskMagic for my work. It is not just a tool; it is much more. The productivity that it offers is just amazing. I save time, especially for future work, with this software. I especially like the attitude of the founder and the entire TaskMagic team. They have a great, positive energy that I can feel. What’s more, they provide very clear explanations along the way. TaskMagic has a large, helpful support base with plenty of guides, and they are on YouTube, too.Another great thing about the platform: they are not resting on their laurels. TaskMagic is in for the long haul, and you can bet they’ll be growing and expanding, which is really good news for all of us – because they’ll be taking us along with them. Thank you, TaskMagic team!

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  13. a (verified owner)

    A month ago, I had a conversation with Vince and discovered a product I loved. I didn’t want to just commit before I had a strategy in place, since I had so many ideas buzzing around my head. I ruminated on this for weeks, even talked it through with some people in my professional network. Then, on APPSUMO, I saw the product offered for $49. That was all I needed to see. I bought it right then and there and started using it without delay. Given the huge amount of repetitive, mind-numbing data entry I do, this one is a real time-saver for me. I consider myself to be working smarter, not harder.

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  14. s (verified owner)

    I am just amazed at how good TaskMagic is! It effortlessly outperforms SaaS giants like Zapier and Make—it might be the easiest tool of its kind to use. I don’t know if there’s another automation SaaS that could possibly be more user-friendly. And if there is, it definitely doesn’t have TaskMagic’s customer service.

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  15. k (verified owner)

    I was an early adopter of this event and had my doubts, as some people were mentioning a controversy surrounding the new reviewers. However, AppSumo and the team made a strong case that “early adopters” like me had a critical role to play in buying the deal now and serving as local “super users” who could give the product a chance to improve.

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  16. 7 (verified owner)

    I bought a code, hoping that it would be an upgrade to Macro Express Pro. I use Macro Express Pro for a couple of essential tasks while I make grade books. It’s not what I had expected.

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  17. u (verified owner)

    It takes a really long time to update the bunch of websites I have. But then I found TaskMagic and gave it a try. I really can’t believe how well this thing works. I just wish I had maybe like an hour or so to really sit down and figure out some of the nuances of using it. It’s just that good. I think they might even be able to make it better in the future. I hope, anyway. Also, maybe I just didn’t see the setting to change the color scheme when I was using it, but I gotta say, I’d take a lighter set of colors.

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  18. m (verified owner)

    Being able to work with automation is a significant advantage for me. Now I have the tool called TaskMagic, which makes my life much easier by automating repetitive tasks. The whole idea is really neat, and it feels like using magic. I can do my work and also have artificial intelligence do its work. It’s a win-win. I can’t wait to show it to my friends and tell them how much of a game-changer it is.

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  19. S (verified owner)

    I am pondering the best place to begin. Integromat is certainly not just a direct replacement for Zapier, as some seem to imagine. It is indeed a very different service and operates on different principles. It is more like that hybrid model I mentioned—part of it is as boring and tedious as the grafted branches of Zapier, but also part of it seems to have a certain else-ness.

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  20. S (verified owner)

    This software is simple to use.

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  21. k (verified owner)

    I initially intended to wait, observe, and possibly return the item. However, the app has developed quickly, and it is evident because, in spite of Jeremy’s hilarious video, the developers of the app are both very attentive and very responsive.

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  22. c (verified owner)

    TaskMagic’s team has crafted a wonderful product that, unlike typical RPA software, doesn’t require any external dependencies to run. Not only that, but it harnesses the power of a sandboxed Chromium environment. Now, what on earth does that mean for us, the users? It’s a simple multi-layered answer, really. First, let’s grasp the front-end benefits: using this automation tool guarantees the noninterference of plugins and promises stable automation for the browser automation space. Plus, it works not just on Chrome, but on all browsers that rely on Chromium, like Edge and Opera. Second, while we bask in the front-end goodness, let’s remember our app doesn’t work in isolation. All of it, both good and bad, depends on the whole stack. Also, Chromium is not just an end-user tool; many tools used in RPA also leverage its power. Overall, TaskMagic holds front-end (with its next-gen user interface and interactions) and back-end (with its actual software tooling) benefits over many competing products in the browser automation space.

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  23. B (verified owner)

    The video on this YouTube link expresses a lot of personality and professionalism. The tutorial videos that I’ve seen so far look like they were made by a child. They’re all still on “The Jeremy Redman” channel… and I don’t want to watch any more of those, thank you.

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  24. C (verified owner)

    Every time I attempt to start a new project with this tool, it just freezes. Despite my many requests for help, support has not answered. Also, when I bought this, I did not realize it was going to act like desktop software instead of a web application. I must have missed that key detail, which kind of makes me a-assume-o, not the software’s problem. From the content I have consumed on their website, it also doesn’t seem like this is capable of doing what I need, even if I do manage to get it to work. And yes, I have been an appsumo customer for several years, and I feel like I am a professional in what I do. It’s a funny thing how the company feels like it is in good questioning form to ask a customer for more credibility before doubting their own support system first.

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  25. d (verified owner)

    I was prepared to throw in the towel. Whatever I attempted came to naught, and I struggled to come up with any helpful ideas.

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  26. s (verified owner)

    To start with, I don’t really think comparing TaskMagic to Zapier makes sense. I like using Zapier when I want to connect different pieces of software through their APIs. TaskMagic seems to be more in the area of connecting the components of a website in ways that aren’t done automatically.

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  27. a (verified owner)

    Vince, I appreciate your support, and I apologize for my hasty action in issuing the refund after waiting for the support reply. I failed to consider that it was the weekend. I have decided, though, after seeing the video you sent, to reissue payment for the deal. The video was really helpful—very informative—and it made clear to me just what I want to do.

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  28. _ (verified owner)

    Vince, I appreciate your support, and I apologize for my hasty action in issuing the refund after waiting for the support reply. I failed to consider that it was the weekend. I have decided, though, after seeing the video you sent, to reissue payment for the deal. The video was really helpful—very informative—and it made clear to me just what I want to do.

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  29. f (verified owner)

    I took a risk on this one and went for it with T4. It was a bit of an ordeal to get it up and running (I couldn’t type certain letters, and I ran into a couple of other problems), but the company was quick to provide a patch, and the issue was resolved.

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  30. b (verified owner)

    After I bought this website automation tool, the user interface was a bit much for me. But then I went through some tutorials on YouTube, and it all started to make sense. This tool is really great and far better than browse.ai. It gives me top performance and is at a price that I can afford.

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  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I own practically every automation tool on the market—Cheatlayer, Rtila, Ubot Enterprise, and at least a half-dozen others that I can’t remember right now. They all have their purpose, their intended feature set—they’re not the same tool by any means. The power of TaskMagic lies in that same kind of “you-record-it” approach. It’s the “creep” factor of an app that knows what you did and then can reliably reproduce it over and over. But of course, you also get to slide into some scripting moments if you like. Working with TaskMagic is like becoming a coder in slow motion, taking one small step at a time to arrive at the simplest possible series of actions that gets the result you’re after.

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  32. e (verified owner)

    The intuitive interface of Taskmagic is what I notice right away. I had no trouble figuring out how to set up my projects and navigate within its software. Its design is nice, and the first time I saw it, I knew this was a program that I would use and feel happy using.Beyond design though, Lieske has stuffed the software with so many handy features that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

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  33. j (verified owner)

    TaskMagic is an outstanding product that’s starting to fulfill its immense potential. It makes automation much easier for both seasoned coders and non-coders, thanks to its intuitive user interface. The product looks and functions as advertised and is rapidly becoming my top choice for all sorts of automation.

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  34. 7 (verified owner)

    What I find most appealing about Vidbites is its constant development and updates. That the people who work on it are tirelessly devoted to perfecting it and ensuring that it responds to the concerns of the people who use it. They understand how their software can help people be more efficient, and they base their improvements on actual user needs. They also make these new features easy to discover and implement through their support videos.

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  35. p (verified owner)

    I don’t have any experience with Sport, but I want to use it to build my first (and maybe only) automation tool. Even if they don’t implement a proxy, I think it’s going to be an extremely useful tool for automation because it’s just so easy to work with. But if they can add in a proxy mechanism, that opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities for us. And this is going to be huge.

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  36. B (verified owner)

    I can’t express enough how much love I have for TaskMagic. As a person who had no coding experience, I was hesitant to get into the world of automation. But TaskMagic is a game-changer for me. It has an extremely short learning curve, and it’s very intuitive for a noob like me. I built my first automation within a few minutes of using TaskMagic. It does everything I want it to do, and it even does things I didn’t realize I wanted it to do. Before I started using TaskMagic, I bought and returned two other automation apps. I can’t speak to those for you, but I know TaskMagic is the real deal, and if you’re thinking of giving automation a whirl, it’s a great place to start.

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  37. o (verified owner)

    When the tool updated, I was only able to afford 1 taco. It was a not winning combination; the tool was not working great, not even in the most fundamental of commands.

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  38. E (verified owner)

    The tool we purchased for my company cost nearly 5,000. It was bought for one single reason: our project manager team needed to scrape data from websites. This tool allowed us to not only copy and paste any part of a website we desired but also to download large amounts of data—and believe me, we were going big! On any given day, we oh-so carelessly spent way too many hours using Google and Yelp (as well as other websites) to find competition and copy information, right into a bunch of Excel spreadsheets that were supposed to mean something to us. You might ask yourself, and me, “Why can’t you just use Google Sheets or some other web-based program to look up all this stuff, huh? What’s the point of downloading and installing anything at all if you could just as easily use a web service?”

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  39. Y (verified owner)

    Being one of the co-founders of a Digital Marketing Agency with a lean team, I thrive on automation tools. However, my evolution with AppSumo’s myriad of automation tools has led me to just two best friends: Browse AI and ZeroWork Task Bot. Want to know why I’ve switched to using just these tools from my once loyal Zapier account? Keep on reading.

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  40. b (verified owner)

    Our company is in the software domain, which means we seek ways to simplify our procedures constantly and amplify our efficacy. TaskMagic was such a stunning find for us. Nurtured by artificial intelligence, it is an in-house app that has utterly transformed how we work by gracefully taking command of all those tedious, redundant tasks we had to deal with—and all those we’ve never dealt with because we’ve tended to push them aside.

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  41. b (verified owner)

    Hello! I really enjoy using your app, but I am not quite sure how to extract the content that appears only when I keep scrolling down. Could you please help me figure it out?

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  42. a (verified owner)

    I recently bought a T4 subscription and, until now, I have been enjoying using it. It feels like a worthwhile investment; after all, $399 is a good amount of money to me, and when you consider that amount with the huge INR to $ difference, it feels even more substantial. The only real concern I have is whether the company will survive. In the past, I have made a few other purchases from AppSumo, and once the refund period passed, the purchased apps just didn’t work at all. And that was a couple of years back, so I am understandably nervous, I think.

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  43. s (verified owner)

    I already have experience using a bunch of other RPA/scraping tools, like Robomotion and ZeroWork.

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  44. B (verified owner)

    This software might turn out to be huge–possibly bigger than Zapier.

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  45. j (verified owner)

    Get this product. Get it soon. You do not have to be one of the first people to start using it. I just bought it today and, within 20 minutes, I had set it up to handle a process that used to take me 15 minutes every time. It has changed my world. Now, when someone signs up for a service I offer, I don’t have to sort through my email, find the username and password, create an account, etc. I just press a button somewhere and it does it for me.

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  46. d (verified owner)

    I am a user of Make and Zapier, and I have found this tool to be extremely useful for my work. The offer is excellent, and the tool itself is very good. Everything has been great so far, and the support is also excellent.

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  47. B (verified owner)

    Up until now, it has been a good and simple process. Even though you have not yet developed my specific use case, I purchased the Tier 4 package, as I have high expectations for you. I am hoping that you will soon add the various important features that I require, such as multi-threading, proxy usage, browser header modification, user agent rotation, and even device rotation.

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  48. l (verified owner)

    How am I using these technologies in the modern workplace? My modern workflows revolve around efficient and effective data gathering and analysis for marketing my company’s numerous web properties. Obviously, data is key to making smart marketing decisions, but in this day and age, we have an embarrassment of riches, so to speak, when it comes to collecting and analyzing data.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  49. N (verified owner)

    May I express my ever-increasing fondness for TaskMagic, a program that impresses me time and time again with how capable and efficient it is?

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  50. j (verified owner)

    I’m not at all tech-savvy and I’ve tried all sorts of remedies with no luck, so I’m happy to say that Taskmagic is working great for me. It’s my little secret productivity weapon. Updates and bug fixes have made it even friendlier. Thank you for bringing it to AppSumo. I believe in your company and I’m looking forward to the read (and please, no gloating) from the non-believers when my review is published. Takes the sting out of being a miserable, non-techie solution finder.

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  51. z (verified owner)

    My initial impression of this app was that it was a perfect fit for me. AppSumo recommended it to me through notifications, and I thought it was a life-saver. I’d been hoping to find something just like this, not only because I’m about to start a completely new business endeavor, and losing all of my connections in the process seems inevitable, but also because… well, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But, as I said, my first impression was that this was “it”—the tool of my dreams.

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  52. w (verified owner)

    The tool is wonderful. Sure, it could use a bit of polishing, but it’s quickly mended.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  53. 1 (verified owner)

    Words cannot describe how much this software has changed the game for me. As a fledgling solopreneur, the thing I’ve needed most is a way to streamline my system, to automate the multitude of repetitive tasks that exist so I can do more essential work. This software is the vision I had, made reality through a team that was also clearly thinking of my type of business when they put it together. The leads and the sales its given me is just a sweet, sweet outcome.The majority of the software I discovered seemed complicated, and when I actually tried to work with them, I found them to be even more time-consuming and bewildering than doing my various tasks by hand. Some were just too limiting. Then there was taskmagic. Right away, I could tell it was doing something really different. It not only smoothed everything out for me, it was also so fast and easy to get started with. That sleekness—yes, that’s what I had been hoping for. And I more than got my money’s worth from this investment.Moreover, while going through the many inquiries that users have recently submitted to the support team of this particular software, this alone is striking: so very many customers write in with their questions, and then there is the response—not just any response, but one from the development team, to give the customer the very best answer. This is an amazing software package, and the customer support is amazing as well. And that is what any of us hope to experience when making a similar purchase.

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  54. M (verified owner)

    For the majority of the deals from AppSumo, I am either certain that they are not a good fit for me (and I am decisive with that determination!) or very interested, with hardly any shades of gray in between. With “Tier 1” from Saasify, though, I wasn’t quite sure. I certainly didn’t have fits of “No way!” that burst forth vehemently as if the very idea was an affront to my being, but, on the other hand, my enthusiasm certainly wasn’t akin to that moment when I laid eyes on the kind of info that immediately made me click the “Buy Now” button.

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  55. C (verified owner)

    Finally, a time-saving tool that’s also easy to use!

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  56. s (verified owner)

    In the past month, I have requested my money back from Taskmagic twice and then promptly went right back to using it. Now, however, I am for sure keeping it. To make it even better, I have decided to up the investment and now have locked in with unlimited capabilities and a newly integrated, live image translation feature. When I have such a useful tool at my availability, how could I not consider it a significant part of my new language teaching materials?

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  57. H (verified owner)

    I originally got a refund for Taskmagic. Still, after repurchasing it a month later, I found the performance to be quite astounding. I even had the opportunity to speak with the founder of the company, a very down-to-earth guy named Jerremy, who was kind enough to share with me the day-to-day activity of the company, even uploading videos of it that showed off the tool’s capabilities and new features that had just been added.Like most automation tools, Taskmagic has a user interface, and the user interface is pretty similar to all the other tools, except for one thing. Taskmagic is incredibly user-friendly, even for non-tech-savvy people like me. I should know: When I first started using automation tools, I made a ton of mistakes. And while the mistake-making process is part of the learning journey, I would have reduced mistakes further if I’d started off using Taskmagic.It’s not just the user interface. Taskmagic also has a ton of tutorials. And even with all of that, if you can’t figure something out, you can reach out to their support, and they will get you an answer ASAP with outstanding customer service.

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  58. m (verified owner)

    I operate a lead generation agency, and I intended to utilize this software to collect email and phone contact information for the purpose of creating more leads for my agency. I really like how simple it is now to get this done.

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  59. j (verified owner)

    We’re super excited about Task Magic and how it can help with our repetitive work. As we expand, we need to find more efficient ways to do things, and talking to Vince and his team, we’ve been absolutely convinced that Task Magic is going to be part of our scaling toolkit!

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  60. A (verified owner)

    The YouTube channel has a very supportive and helpful team behind it. Jeremy is exceptionally grateful and has total faith that the team will change the world and produce some fantastic taskmagic. Even the updates on the YouTube channel are done with meaningful and timely feedback from the people who are following it. Jeremy is also really jazzed about the experience we all had at San Francisco State University for Startup Weekend where we got to pitch our concept with some and see what they thought of it.

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  61. d (verified owner)

    Even though using TaskMagic hasn’t been perfect, I still give them 5 stars because of the most important factor.

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  62. T (verified owner)

    Even for those who are new to RPA, TaskMagic is an astonishingly easy-to-use tool. I’ve played around with various RPA platforms, and TaskMagic certainly stands out as the most user-friendly.

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  63. N (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! I just got the premium package and I am absolutely amazed by the software. I’ve already made a couple of automations using the guided mode and everything has worked out perfectly. Like several reviews have said, I was drawn in by Jeremy in the beginning, but have since found a whole lot to love.After locating the application, I streamed a video from the platform, and in a matter of two hours, my initial impression deepened—a lot. Then, on a podcast one day, I heard an interview with some British dude, and in the course of their conversation, Jeremy shared his story of being fired multiple times. That’s when I knew I had to devote some serious time to this course. It was readily apparent: this man, who had spent a considerable amount of time in the workforce (25 years, to be exact), understood something different about the world.I am still navigating the learning curve, and there have been a few problems or complications, like having to re-install the desktop app the majority of the time because it becomes stuck upon launching. I am unsure if this is an issue with the app itself, or if it is something I am not quite grasping with my use of it. I have sent a message to support, so we shall see what happens.Even though this is no-code, there will always be a learning curve, and I find myself right in the middle of it. But my mind is flooded with a thousand auto flows to make, and I’m loving it. As a Puerto Rican, Millennial from Brooklyn, my main goal is to bring technology to undeserved, underrepresented folks and communities.At the moment, I’m totally living in a feast of ideas; my brain feels like in a thousand places at once. And I absolutely can’t wait to see the great work that we do with this kind of easy-to-use technology.We got 5 tacos out of the whole thing, the software, the founder, and the SL.

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  64. j (verified owner)

    TaskMagic revolutionizes what it means to be a solopreneur by giving me the power to create virtually limitless workflows. Instead of my old way of doing things—manually moving through monotonous task after monotonous task—I can now “play,” so to speak, in an interface that moves as fluidly as my imagination, replacing me with elegant, well-designed steps. TaskMagic encapsulates the essence of work; it makes the idea of being a solopreneur so much more beautiful, because it redefines solopreneurship itself. It takes it to another level.

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  65. C (verified owner)

    My first experience with TaskMagic reminded me of the feeling you get when you first jump into a pool—intimidating at the outset, but exhilarating as you settle in. My first development mission was to extract a price from a website and have it settle into Google Sheets. Strange as it may sound, this took me less than 15 minutes! Now that I know the ropes, I’m confident enough to bet that I can cut that time down to 5 minutes next time.

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  66. S (verified owner)

    My experience with Taskmagic has been good so far. They’ve been working hard to fix any issues and have updated their content regularly on their YouTube channel, which is really helpful. And Jeremy, who’s always on the move, has been very patient with all the beginner’s questions.

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  67. d (verified owner)

    I adore automation. Diving into the mechanics of APIs and webhooks is my idea of a good time. Consequently, I’ve certainly built more than my fair share of wild and wooly workflows with Pabbly Connect, ActivePieces, n8n, and Zapier. Of these four tools, n8n is by far the most interesting.

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  68. h (verified owner)

    As soon as I could, I purchased the fourth tier of the product because I have a fear of missing out and because the product comes with a money-back guarantee. In the beginning, compared to the other automation options, this one seemed quite basic, but within a month, it has turned into an incredible automation experience. The way it integrates with ActiveCampaign gives me the impression of seamlessly moving from one tool to the other. Overall, a really good experience, but let’s go into the details. Thank you so much for your hard work, Jeremy and Kyle.

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  69. b (verified owner)

    AppSumo has given me more than a thousand deals, but I almost never see a turnaround like we had with this app. Don’t get me wrong, not every app is going to be a transformative experience. But TaskMagic isn’t just another app; it’s an app with a story. And part of that story is nearly seven years in the making. From a collapse in the founding team to half a million in crowdfunding and a subsequent mass of thrilled users, TaskMagic has seen a lot. Throughout that journey, the user interface (UI) wasn’t the app’s strong suit. The app has undergone a lot of restructuring in the past handful of months, and in public beta, it’s already shown an uptick in user satisfaction.

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  70. l (verified owner)

    TaskMagic is efficient, easy to use, and powerful. I am delighted that AppSumo brought this deal to their platform. I take advantage of other automation tools purchased here, such as SyncSpider, Albato, and ActivePieces. TaskMagic brings a new angle to my automation even though ActivePieces is well-loved in my collection. To me, it looks like the Webhook option is a fork of what ActivePieces does. That’s not a problem for me because I am still adding another automation tool to my arsenal. I feel like I can automate practically anything now. The only thing that would improve this tool is if it did what CheatLayer does with Atlas. (Something similar to that tool is coming up next in this roundup, by the way, and it looks mighty swell.)

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  71. R (verified owner)

    I have purchased four other RPA software programs in the past. I tried using all of them to automate the simple tasks I needed them to handle, but the website I needed to automate was so full of bugs that I was never able to use any of those other platforms to complete the simple automation tasks I needed. Then, I saw TaskMagic, and I decided to give it a try too. However, I didn’t expect it to work because of my experiences with the other four programs. Yet, to my surprise, TaskMagic did exactly what I needed it to do! And it did so without forcing me to try to contact support or read through lengthy documentation that still wouldn’t allow me to complete my task. TaskMagic was easy to use and highly intuitive. Big kudos to the team that made it happen!

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  72. S (verified owner)

    It took me roughly 20 minutes to get it functioning, but once it did, I was able to leave it alone and let it do its work. I had a lot of web app records to update, and it did just that, while I was busy with other work. It crashed a couple of times and needed to be restarted, but other than that, it has more than paid for itself in the time and money it has saved me.

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  73. N (verified owner)

    If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, then you will find the TaskMagic tool to be a real breath of fresh air. I, for one, am a content creator, and my job is to analyze and review different games that are available on the Steam platform. This process inevitably involves making lots and lots of notes, as well as making use of a whole host of other, even more, monotonous methods that involve writing and typing. Thanks to TaskMagic, my content creation process has become much more streamlined and efficient.

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  74. M (verified owner)

    I found TaskMagic almost as soon as it arrived at AS. I gave it a try, but it was quite problematic. Then I observed some AS users express similar sentiments. At that point, I opted to discontinue use and not think about it again.

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  75. 1 (verified owner)

    I purchased many RPA tools, but this one required a lot of learning for someone who is not a developer. However, after I got it set up, it worked like a charm. I was able to automate a rather long and tedious process of setting up a bunch of meetings for a conference. I’m not super tech-savvy, but in 20 minutes, I got this thing to work. That’s what I put into it in “hour units.”

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  76. J (verified owner)

    I obtained TaskMagic approximately a week after the launch. Considering the reviews I saw, I was at first skeptical about the product. However, I decided to keep it anyway, since I am well-acquainted with this sort of thing and am protected by the 60-day trial period.

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  77. r (verified owner)

    I mulled over the decision of whether or not to invest in another browser automation tool, but in the end, I am so happy with the one I chose! I already use a tool called RTILA, and have done for months now. It’s an okay tool. I like it a whole lot. But the software’s lack of any sort of tutorial and an extreme dearth of documentation make it a difficult tool to get started with. The thing that sealed the deal with Taskmagic was when I visited their homepage and saw a particularly detailed feature-by-feature comparison with a competing automation tool. I would later learn that some of the reviews on the website were over-enthusiastic or even completely fabricated, but it was nevertheless an effective sales tactic.

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  78. V (verified owner)

    I’m imploring everyone not to purchase TaskMagic. It’s the worst investment you could possibly make! Especially at Tier 4. If you care at all about your secretary and don’t want to have to fire her, then steer clear. If you also don’t want to own your own part of the internet, then stay away. Maybe most importantly, do it for our sake, the proud owners of Tier 4. If enough people buy this deal, it’s going to make me feel like nothing’s real anymore. Not even the Badoo girl I just met online. She could very well be a TaskMagic bot that’s connected to ChatGPT. Do you want to live in that kind of world? And if you do, then truly, bravo, Jeremy and the team. Your product is, to me, the best thing I’ve received from AppSumo this year—and maybe in the top three of all time. Keep up the good work!

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  79. a (verified owner)

    At the time I purchased this deal, like many others, I was skeptical. However, I am now very happy with this deal. The team, and especially Kyle, has done an outstanding job in the time since this deal closed. They have worked tirelessly to create a platform that is not only in a new space but one that rivals Pabbly and Zapier. I think that if Taskmagic has a shot at being successful, it’s with the “seed round” of Appsumo users–us, that is. And Noah seems to know his entrepreneurs, so I wouldn’t bet against that. If you haven’t given Taskmagic a try yet, I hope you’ll consider it–especially if you’re an Appsumo user.

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  80. b (verified owner)

    At first, I had my doubts when the introduction of the launch came up. It just didn’t make sense to me why the YouTube channel wasn’t given the name of the product. I got concerned that this was just some kind of a fast money-making scheme.

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  81. L (verified owner)

    I took a while before writing my five-taco review. I wanted to make sure I got it just right. This is the kind of place that needs an honest take, because, let’s face it, not everything’s perfect all the time.

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  82. D (verified owner)

    To avoid echoing the many excellent things others have already said, let me just state that this app is really in a class of its own. I’ve used RTILA, ZeroWork, Robomotion, and each one has its own steep learning curve. I was really not looking to acquire yet another automation app, but the number of people who left satisfied reviews and were just all sorts of happy using TaskMagic made me start to feel like maybe I was missing out on something. And, well, here I am.I can verify that these individuals are decidedly not immersed in the Kool-Aid of some TaskMagic mind control. And they’re definitely not holding me, or anyone I know, at gunpoint, trying to coerce a five-star rating. This app is far and away the easiest to comprehend and make use of from the seven I’ve looked at so far. And it seems to cover the most ground. At first, I thought TaskMagic might be the “Photoshop of to-do apps” and the author compared the level of attention to detail to that of TaskMagic’s (at least, that’s what I remember from my original conversation with the author at UAT). But the more I use it, the more I think TaskMagic may be a kind of “Dreamweaver of to-do apps.”I hope you can see the excellent business they formed and take advantage of this chance before it’s too late.

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  83. r (verified owner)

    ASTONISHING DISCOVERY! TaskMagic is simply amazing! It has already saved our company an enormous amount of time and money, and that’s just the beginning. We can hardly believe what this product can do for us and the possibilities it holds for expanding our use of automation. It’s a game changer. The updates are frequently pushed, which is great, and the support we’ve received from the TaskMagic team has been second to none. Five out of five tacos for this! If you don’t grab it on AppSumo, you’re going to be exceedingly sorry.

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  84. F (verified owner)

    I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase of the Tier 4 plan. The exceptional work of Jeremy and his team, along with the software they have created, leaves me in awe. These individuals appear to put in long hours dedicated to adding features and solving any problems that might arise. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend purchasing the Tier 4 plan. It is definitely worth the investment.

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  85. a (verified owner)

    I have seldom spent as much money on software as the $500 I spent on Tier 4. Still, if this tool can work through its bugs, it will deliver far more value for money than any other software purchase I have made. Over the months and years during which I have tried to achieve the same integrations using Zapier and similar tools, I have found them wanting in one way or another. And their monthly charges really add up. In contrast, for a one-time fee of $500, Integration is the AnyTask app promises too much, I believe, to be anything other than a really great deal that vastly surpasses the value of any other integration tool as well as the “help” I’ve gotten from support people when things don’t go right.

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  86. U (verified owner)

    Automation is what TaskMagic does best, and when it comes to working its magic, the platform is truly transformative. Using it for a while now, it has really started to wow me, mainly because I have never seen something that can do so much, so quickly, and with such high quality.

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  87. m (verified owner)

    Jeremy and his crew really have something special with TaskMagic, and I am so excited to witness and support their success. Not only does their work aim for the future, when I might be able to easily and flawlessly reproduce whatever I do on a computer, but their software is also designed to be as close to magic as you can hope for from a non-illusionary tool. Of course, I also laud their dedication and am excited to be part of an adventure that could easily culminate in a grand future where their software holds sway among other, similar pieces of kit.

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  88. 9 (verified owner)

    I was initially doubtful of just how much “automation” this tool could achieve, especially when I used it for research. However, there is no question about its power if one understands how to apply it. Of course, there may be some bugs in the guided workflows, but I assume that’d be the case with any automation platform. Employing UIPath means that each step is done manually. Thus, if you need to design something simple quickly, it is unmatched in ease of use. Nice work. I can’t wait for the desktop functionality to be added since that would be a real game changer.

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  89. P (verified owner)

    A month ago, I bought Tier 4, back when it was cheapest, and have kept it unhatched all this time.

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  90. c (verified owner)

    I found this tool recently when I was purchasing some software. Initially, the reviews for TaskMagic weren’t very good.

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  91. c (verified owner)

    At first, I was not sure if I should get this. But as we watched it improve day by day, I decided to give it a try, starting with T1 and then moving on to T4. And you know what? Turns out, it’s a great tool because… ………………. The people behind TM keep fixing their bugs very promptly. So, many thanks to Jeremy and Kyle and the TM team for taking care of all the issues we’ve reported. And hopefully, the tool will reach the level of excellence that you imagined for it.

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  92. r (verified owner)

    At first, I was not sure if I should get this. But as we watched it improve day by day, I decided to give it a try, starting with T1 and then moving on to T4. And you know what? Turns out, it’s a great tool because… ………………. The people behind TM keep fixing their bugs very promptly. So, many thanks to Jeremy and Kyle and the TM team for taking care of all the issues we’ve reported. And hopefully, the tool will reach the level of excellence that you imagined for it.

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  93. A (verified owner)

    TaskMagic catches the eye when it comes to the automation landscape. This tool excels at taking cumbersome processes that once required a great deal of code and simplifying them into easy-to-use tools. You might say it is a transformative force, for these reasons:1. It offers an astonishing ease of use, even for those with limited coding skills.2. It covers a large array of processes—for example, data extraction—thanks to its simple and efficient interface.3. It syncs seamlessly with multiple platforms, including Google Sheets.4. It covers a wide range of processes, using AI-driven guidance in the middle stages of the process.

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  94. I (verified owner)

    Throughout my entire marketing career, I have never encountered a combination as potent and game-changing as that found in the TaskMagic platform. Its secret sauce consists of a mélange of traits: effective, hardworking, overdelivering, personalized, engaged, and responsive. TaskMagic also exhibits something as foundational (and perhaps as hard to come by) as the vision of its creators, who clearly aim to use the platform to make something that surpasses industry norms and that nonetheless remains accessible and implementable for everyone.TaskMagic is that rare and wonderful beast: a high-performance, no-restrictions marketing tool that is useful in every Usecase scenario and not likely to be superseded by anything else.

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  95. p (verified owner)

    Greetings, everyone! Many of you have been inquiring about your ideas and the support you can receive from the folks at TaskMagic. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for their excellent product, direct communication with them isn’t always possible. To accommodate our still-developing community and give everyone a way to help one another with what can sometimes be very specific issues, they have established a forum on Facebook. It’s called the “TaskMagic Community Help” group. Please, feel free to join!

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  96. r (verified owner)

    The product is superb, and so too is the support and the team that backs it.

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  97. P (verified owner)

    Jeremy is definitely a man with a plan. He is the one who is leading this company overall, and he is the one who seems to actually be thinking point to point with his entire body. And the awesome part is that he conveys his ethos and pathos in every single video that he presents to the world. Not to mention, the guy is just super relatable in his everyday language and showmanship.We hardly ever hear “big words” from Jeremy in his YouTube tutorials. And if he does, it’s only when something is really big and convoluted. He’s usually able to explain even the most intricate and difficult features of the app in a way that’s easy for a complete newcomer to the software to digest. It’s not just “do this, then do that.” It’s:”Do this if you’re really trying to accomplish (X), and then follow it up with this.”

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  98. R (verified owner)

    Can we talk about Taskmagic? It is truly something remarkable. Think of it as a magical, digital wizard that is revolutionizing productivity for a whole lot of people. And I don’t just mean for writers; anyone who has ever found themselves wishing that all of their apps could just get along without needing a coding degree to make everything work together can use Taskmagic. And here’s the best part: It accomplishes that laudable goal in a way that has everyone talking—with its appearance and its ease of use really shining through.

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  99. a (verified owner)

    Gathering data from some websites would be so much easier if those websites had an API. You could just use the API to log in, get to the right pages, and download the files you want. But a lot of sites don’t have an API, or if they do, they don’t have public documentation for it. What should you do if you need to pull data from the kind of site that you can’t plug into your workflows?

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  100. T (verified owner)

    TaskMagic is an incredible tool for streamlining manual work. I have been a fan for quite a while. Jeremy and Kyle, the two guys who put this thing together, have a very special way of presenting their ideas and the new features they come up with. What I appreciate most is that they don’t just show the easy cases; they tackle the hard stuff, too. And when there’s a bug, which there always are in software projects, they don’t just pretend it’s perfect; they show the bug and talk about what they’re doing to fix it. TaskMagic 2 is coming soon, but in the meantime, TaskMagic 1 is available now.

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  101. S (verified owner)

    I wasn’t really sure what AppSumo was all about at first. Then, I saw this software product counting down the last few hours before disappearing. I hadn’t taken advantage of a seemingly no-brainer offer a few months back and had since regretted it. This particular offer felt like I already knew it was a mistake in waiting when the countdown started. Thankfully, even with my liver in danger, I had internet access and managed to buy the full-tier five plan to really make sure I married that regret for life.

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  102. C (verified owner)

    I’m just getting started experimenting with the tool, but it already seems reliable and easy to use. I’m excited to have access to the automation features, which should make my life even easier. Frankly, when I sleep, I don’t like dreaming about repetitive manual work.

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  103. k (verified owner)

    TaskMagic is the all-in-one automation tool that every person should have. And it’s the type of tool most people only ever dream about! The team responsible for it is the dyna-mo duo, Jeremy and Kyle. These two young men are the most knowledgeable, honorable people you’re likely to ever meet. And they’re as personable and humorous as they are brainy—they address every inquiry and provide an unlimited number of solu-tions.

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  104. J (verified owner)

    This is going to expire soon, and although it may still be available after this last call, if anyone’s on the fence, I say pull the trigger. I’ve only had this for a few hours since picking up the deal, but I’m leaving a review all the same.

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  105. l (verified owner)

    I just got tier 2 because I don’t want to pay any more after the Last Call offering ends. But I’m really glad I got it because Taskmagic is just amazing. There are so many things it can do, and it just seems to me that its use is only limited by my imagination. I don’t know how I didn’t get this the first time!

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  106. R (verified owner)

    I make use of several different tools for automation and RPA. I have a good number of them from Appsumo, and I also have some from the top companies in this space.

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  107. e (verified owner)

    There are times when it seems that I am juggling a lot of things at once. Task Magic has really helped me cover all of my bases. I immediately bought the Tier 5 package because it was worth every penny. My account was activated, but I didn’t use it right away. I was worried one of my already ended plates was about to crash, and I really needed to complete the task in whatever bumbling, inefficient way my old methods required. I was doing just that when I figured, “Why not try and see if Task Magic can handle this too?” After just 30 minutes of trying to make the magic happen, I had a working, time-saving solution on my hands. I have invested a total of 30 minutes in learning to use the tool so far, but it has already saved me 5 hours this month on a single, super tedious task. Task Magic deserves every one of the 5 stars I have given it.

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  108. S (verified owner)

    The learning curve is extremely slight, but once you understand how it operates, you realize what a great product it is!

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  109. r (verified owner)

    After only a few hours of working with it, I grasped the essence of TaskMagic. Before, I had used Browse.ai for a few jobs concerning the collection of data, but there was one in particular that I couldn’t manage to scrape. To my delight, I discovered that TaskMagic could handle it with ease.

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  110. a (verified owner)

    I find this tool very enjoyable because it provides a lot more options than Zapier, which is, in my opinion, way too expensive. On top of that, Pabbly Connect does not allow enough connections to satisfy my needs. But the customer service of this app is superb, and the developers are almost always adding new features. I truly look forward to seeing what they come up with next. In conclusion: forget about Zapier and use this instead.

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