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Unleash The Power Of AI To Grow Your Business

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“Unleash the Power of SUPERMACHINE – The Game-Changing AI Image Creator You Can’t Miss Out On! Say Goodbye to Dull Stock Images and Hello to Jaw-Dropping NFTs with SUPERMACHINE – The Future of Content Creation! Don’t Miss Out on the AI Revolution – Elevate Your Online Presence Instantly! Supercharge Your Content with SUPERMACHINE’s Lightning-Fast Speeds and Fully Customizable Features.

Get Ready to Elevate Your Content Game to Unimaginable Heights!”


Hurry Up! Don’t Miss Your Final Opportunity to Get Supermachine: The Ultimate AI Tool for Flawless Characters and Beyond!

-Positive feedback from users
-Continuous improvements made over the past few months
-Appsumo marketplace timer ending soon
-Consistent characters feature added to the platform

My Review

Supermachine – Generate High-Quality Images With Ease!
AI-powered Supermachine is the ultimate platform for generating stock photos, art, and images with the latest AI technology.

With consistent characters for image generation, the product has received positive feedback from users, leading to continuous improvements over the past few months.

New models are added weekly, and the 4.12-star rating is a testament to the value Supermachine provides.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee and positive user feedback, purchasing Supermachine before the timer ends is highly recommended.

Don’t miss your chance to create stunning images effortlessly with Supermachine.

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Supermachine is the AI-powered platform to boost your business.

Get it now before it goes off the Appsumo marketplace! Supermachine has received positive feedback from users, and the team is always working hard to improve it.

The platform now has consistent characters that can be used in generations, and new models are added weekly.

With an updated video walkthrough, Supermachine stays up to date with the latest AI technology developments.

Join Supermachine now for your post-Appsumo adventure!

By the founders

Hey there, entrepreneurs! We want to express our gratitude to all the Sumo-lings for providing their valuable feedback on Supermachine over the past few months.

With your help, we’ve been able to make constant improvements to the product and deliver what our customers truly need.

As we bid goodbye to the Appsumo marketplace, we’d like to remind you that there’s only a limited time left to get your hands on Supermachine.

Our latest update includes consistent characters that can be used in your generations, and we have many exciting plans in the pipeline.

Our video walkthrough has also been updated with the latest features.

With new models being added every week and all the work we’re doing behind the scenes to keep up with the latest AI technology, we’re thrilled to continue this adventure.

Thank you from the Supermachine team – Rexxar (Stuart), Tryn, Natt, and Sunisa!


Explore the endless possibilities of image creation with Supermachine’s AI-powered platform! With consistent characters and new models being added weekly, it’s a creative goldmine waiting to be discovered.

The 4.12-star rating speaks volumes about the quality that users love.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to effortlessly generate stunning visuals – click here to view the special deal and unleash your imagination today!

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40 reviews for SUPERMACHINE Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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  1. L (verified owner)

    Hello, AppSumo community! I first signed up for Supermachine when it was released through AppSumo, and I’ve been really impressed by how much it’s improved since then. If you’re wondering how good this software is at changing faces, well, you don’t have to wonder, because I made you a video showing it in action. In it, I go through several different aspects of the app and give you a real good idea of how you could put it to use in your business.

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  2. T (verified owner)

    This application is continually getting better. The latest iterations are excellent.

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  3. q (verified owner)

    Attempting to make basic line art for a coloring book, I performed approximately five tests. Each time the result was a picture that was either completely misshapen or far too off-center to be viable. I have wasted a good deal of credits on this already, and it seems in no hurry to better itself. I definitely would not suggest using this until it does. Furthermore, I have already discovered that, as a non-refundable product, it really only laughs at you when you try to claim a refund.

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  4. K (verified owner)

    The SuperMachine is an extraordinary contraption for producing images. It includes a dazzling array of models, each with its own distinct set of characteristics. And they just keep getting added.

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  5. z (verified owner)

    I have been researching SUPERMACHINE as a possible replacement for So far, I have been drawn to its attractive price point. However, when I had a look around over there, I found more than a handful of issues that seemed to be festering. Here, I will reveal my findings.

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  6. t (verified owner)

    A few months ago, I took advantage of a deal and purchased this item. Almost immediately, I could tell the same basic prompts were yielding considerably superior results over at Midjourney. I thought, “Well, hey, maybe they just need some training. Maybe the AI over there will improve with some AIs just got better over with time that’s what we see these days, right? Or they stop working but conditionally if we keep feeding the models, they just get better over time.” And I really hoped it would because if that condition is met … well, I don’t want to talk about models getting cheaper without the fact that right now, it could not summon the quality of output I was producing by hand to create this article.

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  7. f (verified owner)

    After I bought this offer, I initially didn’t think much of Supermachine. However, I decided to hold off on forming an opinion until I had truly put it to the test, and I must say, my impression has only improved over time. The developers have continuously made significant enhancements, and I’m glad I bought in when I did. Because a full year later, the service has not only been refined; it’s absolutely perfect for all the things I want to do.

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  8. f (verified owner)

    I paid for Supermachine because I saw some potential in it. However, it has a few persistent issues that prevent it from truly shining.

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  9. l (verified owner)

    I have experimented with several AI image creation tools, but I wanted a private one that was also effective. I was so taken with Supermachine’s user interface and all the bonus features it offered for achieving visually stunning results.

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  10. b (verified owner)

    SuperMachine might have been one of the first, if not the very first, AI image generation tools to arrive on AppSumo and start generating chatter.

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  11. M (verified owner)

    It is possible that my expectations were a bit too high, considering all the great things I’d heard about it. But the results so far, in the middle of the process, are genuinely terrible. The things that are going wrong should not be that difficult to get right.With the large number of Five Taco reviews and a policy of absolutely no refunds (which I didn’t realize until after I clicked “Order”), I can’t help but feel suspicious.In any case, I’m kind of angry about wasting the money on this one, but that’s also the excitement of platforms like AppSumo. They offer loads of new and valuable stuff and you just never know which of the things you pick will end up being a sleeper hit.I don’t know what this will be, but I do know that it isn’t good enough for me to cancel other services I pay for. And I’m really angry because I can’t get a refund. I just assumed that was a standard feature of the AppSumo marketplace.

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  12. m (verified owner)

    I signed up for your service today, and to be honest, I am truly amazed. I’ve tried many other services before, but yours is by far the best. You have so many models to choose from, and the photo quality is impressive. I can’t believe how customizable everything is, and the delivery is almost instant. I am really glad I bought this, and I will definitely tell other users about it. Seriously, thanks again.

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  13. S (verified owner)

    I am grateful to Stuart, the whole team, and especially to this fine image generator! The tool is ideal for both beginners and those more practiced in the art of creating pictures. It offers a multitude of options and a range of styles—truly infinite! And though I’ve not had occasion to watch any video tutorials, I’ve found Stuart to be an engaging (and sometimes even a little goofy) narrator on the digital canvas.

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  14. c (verified owner)

    This is all new to me. I’m new to the field of AI-generated images. I don’t even realize how much I don’t know. I tried Midj once upon a time, but I was completely lost. But then, this thing called Supermachine came out, and I was like, “Wow! Look what I can do now.” I’m super thrilled and grateful.

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  15. C (verified owner)

    To tell you the truth, purchasing things that can’t be returned makes me pretty anxious. Right now, I’m giving Bing AI and a go, using the free credits they give you each day. I’m getting the hang of it, crossing my fingers that I’m putting together the right type of prompt to get back a nice result. Most of my projects are quite personal, but I wouldn’t mind paying for AI composition. My first impression with Supermachine happened within just an hour of use. And I have to say that it was the best investment I’ve made for my graphic work. I give it a tasty Five Tacos out of Five.

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  16. d (verified owner)

    I recently returned to Supermachine after purchasing it almost a year ago, and I have to say it is an entirely new experience. By ‘new,’ I mean significantly better in every way. Initially, the generated output featured extremely high levels of randomness and seemed to pay little attention to the negative prompts I supplied. What I got were images that were either weird for the sake of being weird or that simply incorporated too many aspects of the prompts. They were mostly unsuccessful.

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  17. o (verified owner)

    I tried using SuperMachines a while ago. My initial attempt was really not good. (Actually, it blew chunks! I think it was because our AI for image generation was in a very early stage.) But now, when I use SuperMachines today, it’s a whole lot better. Many of the models now in place can actually generate usable outputs, and some can even produce multiple variations of any given input.

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  18. d (verified owner)

    The descriptions and sample pictures appear to be well done. But when you actually purchase the product, you receive something completely different. The quality that was promised is far from what you actually get. It is certainly no substitute for the likes of Midjourney, Dall-E, and the rest of the advanced AI models.

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  19. C (verified owner)

    Kaum habe ich jemals eine Software so beeindruckend gefunden wie SUPERMACHINE.ART. Vor meinem ersten Kauf habe ich mich etwas eingehender damit befasst. Ich las, verglich, probierte einige Testversionen anderer KI-Bildgeneratoren aus. Und dann sah ich mir immer wieder YouTube-Videos an, in denen diese Programme dem Zuschauer vorgestellt wurden. Ich verglich auch hier und kam zu dem Schluss, dass dieses meine gewählte Software ist, die für mich maßgeblich ist.Purely out of curiosity, I decided to purchase a lifetime license, and I found the value for money to be absolutely convincing. And so I began to work with it. At first, a few online tutorials helped me enormously, and after a short time, significant improvements began to show.

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  20. F (verified owner)

    I thought it was a fantastic instrument. It’s easy to use, and the images it produces are superb.

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  21. E (verified owner)

    Countless individuals fail to realize that producing AI-generated images is an intricate task. The reason is that not all models respond in similar fashion to the same prompts, and they all come with their own set of natural language processing quirks and idiosyncrasies. To get good results, you have to try different strategies and see what works and what doesn’t with a model—playing around with it, in other words.

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  22. g (verified owner)

    I received one code after attempting to use the basic 10 credits that you receive when signing up for free. However, these 10 credits were not sufficient to determine whether the service was going to be useful for me or not.

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  23. R (verified owner)

    I must not be too critical, but this is almost not possible to use. I am a promotional engineer. I have made astonishing art in MidJourney and StableDiffusion.

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  24. H (verified owner)

    Do you have any other AI applications? If so, they might not be as versatile as the one I’m using. You see, my app has multiple pre-set models to choose from, and each one can create with its unique characteristics, making it ideal for any artistic style.

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  25. m (verified owner)

    I had a trial run with Supermachine before purchasing it, and everything ran smoothly. However, once I bought a license from Appsumo, the performance tanked completely. Not just the UI is slow, but also the actual generation, which is a huge step backward. Writing this right now, I’m waiting for about five minutes to finish a job that should, in two generations, generate four images. Catastrophic really conveys the slow, uncertain and angry spirit of it all!

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  26. A (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of Supermaching. The AI models they have programmed are simply astounding. On top of that, they push out updates every single week. The most recent update was for Loras, and it blew my mind. It’s unbelievable that all this is happening right now, and at this price point.

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  27. t (verified owner)

    I really enjoy using Supermachine. It has a lot of AI models and a lot of adjustable parameters that allow for very quick processing. Also, it has a number of very handy tools, such as “Karbo Pe” for upscaling visual content, “Face X P” for switcheroo with human faces, and “Uhsteigne B grayscale” for stripping your visual content of the color (also very useful for black-and-white comic conversions). Best of all, unless you tell it otherwise, it does not attempt to filter what you can use it for. Everything is on the up and up. You can move and download your processed content easily. And lots more.

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  28. w (verified owner)

    Before the deal closed, I bought one code just in case I’d want it. To my surprise, I like it more than I thought I would. It’s a sleeper hit for me.

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  29. j (verified owner)

    I made the misguided decision to purchase Supermachine, and I was heavily influenced by all of the glowing reviews I had read. Looking back, I can’t help but think of it as some sort of bizarre social experiment. I, after all, am a man of veritable means, and had it not been for the quixotic quest to understand what it is that all of these other people see in this seemingly innocuous piece of machinery, I might have been content to remain indefinitely ensconced in the mineral springs of an establishment on some fair and not too distant isle. Alas, this was not to be my fate.

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  30. a (verified owner)

    When I bought [XX (redacted software name)], its interface felt natural to me right away. I thought that this was a good sign: if the way you interact with something is clear from the start, then what you’re interacting with probably works in good part like you expect it to. And when I produced my first few images after installing the software, the quality—measured both in basics like “that image looks as I meant for it to look” and in more refined digital terms—wasn’t just good; it was brilliant.

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  31. 4 (verified owner)

    I really regret buying from AppSumo, especially because now I can’t get a refund. I can only hope that someday the terrible quality of what I got will improve.

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  32. 1 (verified owner)

    The prompt book “LORA MODELS” comes in many formats. It helps by providing adjustments that can be made to the image in a set of diverse ways. Happiness can be cranked up or plunged down; weight, somewhat nebulously defined, can be changed, or one can make skin tone richer, or thin the poor slob’s hair. There are ways of doing this by altering just a few pixels, or one can go further, making many simultaneous changes to the image — for example, enlarging the head, brightening the eyes, rotating the jaw line this way and that — in the effort to make the final image look more like the one that’s being grumbled about.

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  33. i (verified owner)

    I attempted to produce aesthetically pleasing yoga images, but there is invariably something absent, like a limb or an entire figure, and the modeling is decidedly not human. Instead, the figures look like comic strip characters on a heavy dose of anabolic steroids. And when the “background remover” tool is applied, the result isn’t so much a complete picture as it is an approximation. What’s worse—amateur hour stuff if there ever was—is that I can’t even muster the mental effort to think up a prompt that might produce something better. And so the realization dawns: I. Am. Not. An. Artist.

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  34. W (verified owner)

    This generator is anything but simple. What was the process for making it non refundable?

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  35. s (verified owner)

    It is advanced characteristics and unwavering people that make all the difference for me. There are many favorite features, but if there’s one that I can’t live without, it’s the private library. I render images for a ton of different projects, and it’s stopped feeling like a hassle because I don’t have to do anything but sift through a working copy of howI like to see the world in visuals at this rate.

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  36. m (verified owner)

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  37. p (verified owner)

    In the beginning, I faced several issues, and it was a bit tricky to wrap my head around the different models. The conclusions you can draw from these models can differ quite a lot, from something really bad to nearly perfect. In terms of model quality, this generation really has a lot to offer and provide a seemingly limitless number of paths to choose from.

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  38. J (verified owner)

    On my recent purchase of SUPERMACHINE from AppSumo, I was really looking forward to the offer. But sadly enough, I’ve been kept waiting for updates on their roadmap. All these years, I’ve hardly felt let down by AppSumo, but this time it’s different. The product communicates poorly about its non-refundable purchase at the checkout. And that basic disappointment is only compounded by the software’s lack of competitive pricing. When alternatives like Midjourney, DALLE-3, or Leonardo can generate images that are clearly better, why would I want to pay for SUPERMACHINE? When I finally paid for it, I like using the DiffusionBee tool on my Mac to generate similar kinds of results—and I’ve been using that for free during the trial period!

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  39. m (verified owner)

    When I first joined this deal, I was ecstatic. I bought one key and found it to be a perfect fit for my projects. I liked it so much that I went ahead and bought two more keys because I imagined that I would be using it quite frequently in the future.

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  40. p (verified owner)

    Hingga saat ini, AI yang paling membantu saya di sekolah adalah yang terbaik. Dalam penggunaannya, kemampuannya untuk mengedit foto sangat saya andalkan. Apalagi, itu merupakan aspek paling sering saya gunakan, membuat wajah jadi lebih jelas, tajam. Selain itu, AI juga sering saya pakai dalam rangka membuat gambar dari tulisan. Pun, hingga saat ini pun, saya masih sering meng-explore banyak hal yang dilakukan AI dan kesemuanya memang sangat membantu.

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    SUPERMACHINE Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
    SUPERMACHINE Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

    Original price was: $420.00.Current price is: $79.00.

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