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Transform Your Ideas Into Engaging Visual Stories With Katalist Studio

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Are you tired of wasting time on dull visuals for your amazing ideas? Say goodbye to ordinary stock photos and let AI work its magic for you! Katalist Storytelling Studio is your ticket to turning your script into a jaw-dropping cinematic marvel.

No need to be a creative genius – unleash your vision with Katalist’s game-changing storytelling solutions.

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Revolutionary AI platform creates stunning visual stories without any effort – Say goodbye to complicated prompts with Katalist Storytelling Studio!

-Create visual stories without complicated prompts
-Two visual styles: “sketch” for simple details and “cinematic” for movie-like visuals
-AI sidekick creates a storyboard with multiple frames

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Experience the power of storytelling with Katalist Storytelling Studio.

With impressive AI-powered script-to-visual story transformation technology, you can streamline your creative process and efficiently bring your stories to life.

Katalist’s consistent character generation and customizable scenes will delight users, and with an overall rating of 4.5 and a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Don’t let minor limitations in character customization and scene management hold you back – unlock your storytelling potential with Katalist.

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Katalist Storytelling Studio Overview

Katalist Storytelling Studio is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs looking to bring their creative ideas to life.

This AI-powered platform effortlessly transforms your scripts into engaging visual stories, without the need for complicated prompts.

With two visual styles to choose from, you can create anything from simple sketches to realistic, movie-like scenes.

Thanks to Katalist’s advanced AI technology, you’ll get consistent characters, scenes, and activities in each frame, without having to fiddle with generation parameters.

And if you need to make any adjustments, you can easily edit characters and scenes directly in the frame.

Whether you’re looking to create an interactive presentation or share your visual story as a link, Katalist Storytelling Studio has got you covered.

With the ability to export your visual story as a PowerPoint, ZIP file, or MP4, you’ll have the flexibility to share your creation in any format you choose.

And best of all, Katalist Storytelling Studio keeps your link up-to-date, so you never have to reshare it.

Say goodbye to stick figures and hello to engaging visual stories.

Get lifetime access to Katalist Storytelling Studio today and bring your creative ideas to life!

By the founders

Introducing Katalist – the AI storytelling studio that turns your ideas into stunning visuals.

As an entrepreneur, you know that creating a coherent story or video can be tough.

With Katalist, you can spend less time on stock images or drawings and more time bringing your ideas to life.

Build creative pitches, collaborate with your team, and create professional videos – all without prompt engineering.

Katalist analyzes your script or idea, defines scenes and characters, and turns it into images.

And with the ability to change characters or scenes in all frames at once, you can make changes in minutes instead of working through your weekend.

Katalist was founded by Blaz and Andraz, who have built products for top brands like Nike and Unilever.

They want to give you the power to tell your stories as you imagine them.

Check out our roadmap at roadmap.katalist.ai to see what’s coming next.

Start telling your story with Katalist today.


Unleash your storytelling potential with Katalist Storytelling Studio’s lifetime deal! Dive into a world where AI transforms scripts into captivating visual stories effortlessly.

Embrace the streamlined creative process and enjoy endless character possibilities.

While there are minor limitations, the overall rating of 4.5 speaks volumes.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, this exclusive $49 deal is a steal! Don’t let this opportunity slip away – click now to view this special deal and revolutionize your storytelling journey with Katalist!

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55 reviews for Katalist Storytelling Studio Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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  1. g (verified owner)

    I have tried out the product using a couple of very basic storyboards. I found it incredibly easy to use, and the user interface is great, too. It’s really fun to use this tool to make ideas come to life. And now, after this brief introduction, I’m excited to see what kinds of videos I create using Katalist.

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  2. k (verified owner)

    Hi, Katalist.ai is truly revolutionary for creative folks who dream of new worlds. It’s a very high-tech platform that’s also very simple to use. And it puts out some big quality. If you’re a person who just loves a service that’s immaculate and “well-groomed,” you won’t be disappointed here. I think content creation in the future is going to revolve around this kind of wizardry.

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  3. s (verified owner)

    I happily found myself submerged in a realm of creativity after rapidly sketching just a few storyboards. The interface is super friendly and well designed, which make weaving narrative concepts into an actual story feel very good.

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  4. 5 (verified owner)

    What an impressive tool. This goes above and beyond. Bravo, team. This is truly amazing. Thank you.

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  5. d (verified owner)

    My video takes a deep dive into the extraordinary world of Katalist AI. This astonishing storyboard creation software uses the power of artificial intelligence to change scripts into visual narratives. It’s an amazing tool, and I find it particularly useful for producing content for my YouTube channel, even though I have to admit that I’m not much of a storyboarder.

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  6. e (verified owner)

    These tools are boundless; they empower my being and existence, and I am keenly waiting for the time when video editing will emerge as one of the most remarkable tools for every content creator.

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  7. S (verified owner)

    I had an unclear use case, but I felt strongly that Katalist would be a tool worth having. So, working on a hunch, I built it up from front to back—all by myself!

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  8. d (verified owner)

    Certainly! The Katalist platform has the potential to be an extraordinary tool for creative filmmakers, and in this author’s opinion, it is a tool that is just plain fun to use. The reason Katalist is so enjoyable is that its interface is designed to facilitate the brainstorming process—an essential part of the early stages of any creative endeavor.

    Brainstorming with Katalist is really intuitive—think of it as a sort of ‘magazine cut-out workshop’. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a box with a Katalist “scene,” which can contain any number of Katalist “blocks.” And you can think of these blocks as being akin to the core elements for any creative project—text and visual elements you can rearrange.

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  9. P (verified owner)

    In a universe governed by the power of stories, Katalist stands out as a maker of imaginative sparks, hypnotizing the audience with the magic that is 2D. Katalist is a novel platform that lives on the favorable side of reviews, having attracted no substantive complaints so far, and is thus generating a tractor beam of good vibes as it draws near. And now, as its private beta stage has ended, and with a full public launch in sight, interest is only growing stronger still.

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  10. C (verified owner)

    Katalist is an incredible AI-based tool that makes it easy to turn my ideas into visually appealing content. And, like most of these types of software, Katalist is centered around being cloud-based, which means that no matter what computer I’m on, I can log in to my account and access all the projects I’ve made; this is especially convenient when I’m working from a computer other than my “main” computer. The user interface also makes it clear that the people who designed this app didn’t skimp out on thought and planning: the app is easy to navigate, looks great, and has a lot of powerful features that go well beyond just helping you generate videos. And in the near future, the app will be taking even more big steps forward.

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  11. M (verified owner)

    Can it be better? Undoubtedly. But here’s the thing: out of all the creativity tools I’ve checked out on AppSumo, it’s probably one of the most tightly designed.

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  12. t (verified owner)

    The user interface and user experience appear to have been well planned. The idea the app is built on is enjoyable to experiment with, and it seems to have been implemented impeccably. However, the problem that really surfaces is the lack of control over a character’s actions, how a character gazes, or the countenance a character might have at any moment. And with the seeming inability to alter a character’s mood at will, affect the environment or any other vital attribute, The Touchstone’s present form leaves me feeling unfulfilled. The idea it’s based on is potent, and it might be something I personally try to realize further at some point, but right now it still needs a lot of work.

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  13. S (verified owner)

    Video powered by artificial intelligence is on the horizon, and it promises to revolutionize one of the most time-consuming parts of content creation: B-roll.

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  14. b (verified owner)

    I bought Katalist a few days ago. I don’t really see myself as a filmmaker or a storyteller in the classical sense. In truth, I’m more of an “academically creative” person. Still, with the four amazing reviews at the time, I thought I’d see if I could wrangle Katalist into what I do.

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  15. b (verified owner)

    I find this app to be a fascinating and thrilling application of AI. The only reason I did not give it a perfect score is that technology, in its totality, still has so much room for growth and development.
    For instance, artificial intelligence-generated images are never very good at depicting hands, scale, and such activities as holding a pen.
    Removing unwanted features, such as multiple identical characters, from an excellent picture can be tricky.
    This app seems to be the starting point for something truly brilliant. As a whole, I would highly recommend it. However, it’s important to note that it will require some time and effort to use effectively. You’ll need to tinker with the prompts and maybe even scrap an entire scene and start over.
    Among all the apps I’ve had, this one seems to have the most potential to keep developing and growing as technology advances. I’m really pumped to see all the cool stuff this company is going to do!

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  16. p (verified owner)

    Je suis allé sur Katalist pendant deux heures pour voir si cela pouvait m’aider à réaliser des vidéos et des pptx sur le management de proximité (je suis consultant). Les scénarios venaient de ChatGPT. Le scénario de ChatGPT est bien accepté et fonctionne, ce qui est surprenant ! C’est amusant de voir les images se créer en temps réel. L’exportation au format PowerPoint est géniale (un point fort !). Les limites actuelles sont : des personnages qui apparaissent en double, des décors impossibles à modifier (je ne voulais pas de personnages, mais ils sont toujours présents), et des personnages qui changent de tenue un peu trop souvent. Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est un outil génial pour les formateurs. J’ai hâte de voir comment il va s’améliorer !

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  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I realize that AI tools cannot achieve flawless generation. However, they do a pretty good job. There is a satisfying sensation that comes with submitting a story and then seeing an AI tool create a video from it. The sketch style this AI uses is one that I find to be quite compelling and unlike anything I’ve seen before. In one instance, I adjusted the position of a hand in an image, and it actually turned out looking really good.
    Generating images and videos is a fast process, with the tool being very responsive. It is designed in a way that the different functions are easy to understand, and the user interface is quite intuitive. There are plenty of possibilities for editing the characters and the scenes, so the variations from one image to the next can be quite large.
    I believe that this tool would be even better if it had captions and voice generation. I expected it to have those features, especially since there’s already a lot of competition in the text-to-video and blog-to-video app space. Right now, it feels like it’s lacking because “the competition has” what it doesn’t…it is incomplete. But I like it, and I think it will get better.

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  18. R (verified owner)

    As I have experimented with this instrument, I have seen that it has a great deal of promise, but it, unfortunately, restricts the number of characters that can be employed for each scene. Because of this, it often creates many duplicates. It would be wonderful if the program could offer the user the mental relief of knowing that they might insert any quantity of characters they desire into a scene. But again, it is heavily reliant on the program suggesting characters for each scene and then forcing the user to choose their desired character from the limited palette the program has provided.
    I have attempted to increase the amount of characters I use and to make some adjustments. I am still struggling with it, but I hope that with enough work, it will expand. When it does so, I believe it will become a valuable tool. I still see potential as a personal business development instrument.
    I’m hopeful and eager to explore the potential that lies ahead. I can’t help but be excited about the array of possibilities that seem to stretch out before me. If only I could offer up more tacos! But, to be honest, the options (for now) do seem a bit limited.

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  19. a (verified owner)

    As soon as I saw it, I was like, “I need this.” You could not beat the price and the software for storytelling was just amazing. My personal favorite is the sketch one. It is phenomenal all by itself and I can only imagine what kind of updates are coming.

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  20. y (verified owner)

    I attempted to craft a narrative within the confines of chatGPT. When I copied and pasted it, the result was a jumbled, incoherent mess. This led me to using chatGPT’s “AI Dungeon” interface, where the program constructed a brief, uncomplicated tale for me. Despite its brevity—condensing all the possibilities afforded by AI into a mere 7 slides—it was an entertaining, almost sublime experience.

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  21. e (verified owner)

    The cost is unbelievably reasonable, and it didn’t take too long for me to realize that this was a deal of a lifetime for what was on the table. The quality of the execution was very good. The only missing thing, it seemed to me, was use case examples used at more than one place.
    The artificial intelligence performs quite well, though it, like anything, may require a few adjustments here and there. I’ve never come across a product like this, which not only offers a similar level of performance but also does so at the same price point and with the bonus of a lifetime deal.
    There are similar products available that operate on a subscription model. These competitors have also done a good job of diversifying their character offerings, and at somewhat similar price points, you get a pretty good deal.
    There is the chance for the business to grow rapidly. It can distinguish itself from other companies. It has to include special characters. Although the company says this is coming in a few weeks, it has been hard to predict. (Anticipation)
    Incorporating voiceover and music into the storyboard will give them an edge over their competitors. They might even consider including a recording feature, so that people can tell the story using the microphone built into their computers or laptops. And if they could animate or use some kind of video inside the storyboard for 3-5 seconds, well, that would be just amazing.
    I rate their hope for the future of their product as a 5. Even if you’re not completely sold on it, I recommend you buy Tier 2. With that, you can at least see the new stuff happening as they continue to make this game. I really believe in this one, and I think the time to act is right now.

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  22. 5 (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly, this application has a lot of potential and plenty of room to grow. It is clear that AI technology still needs to work out some kinks when it comes to creating realistic hand armatures. However, I am really excited about the future of this app and am eagerly looking forward to seeing the kinds of general improvements that will happen.

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  23. S (verified owner)

    I nearly refunded the app because I didn’t master it right away. However, I really wanted it to be successful for me, as I think it’s such a wonderful concept. So, I invested some time into it, and the magic happened. I began to see how I can use the characters that already exist and, with some changes, make them my very own. Once I made that realization, limitless possibilities were revealed to me.
    Over the past week, I’ve seen almost daily growth in Sylvie’s functionality (and ostensible upgrades). It already feels like the ground floor of something pretty cool. Sylvie’s text/story AI is excellent; the “IAmNotAMonster” story was definitely a hook – I wanted to see it through to the end. The art side of things is definitely starting to catch up but seems farther from being as much of a complete product as the text side of things. Right now, there are only two choices for art: “Cinematic” and “Sketch.” The sketchy stuff is definitely working better for me than the cinematic stuff; the cinematic stuff seems overdramatic, but it had the same depressing material to work with, so what are you going to do?
    The tool also adds codes that you can experiment with. You can try adding parentheses with different expressions after the character’s name. We tried adding expressions like “joyful” or “regret” and they helped enforce our intended emotions. You can even add unique qualities like appearance if you put those in parentheses too. For instance, I wrote “#Pete (who looks like an aging hippie with curly gray hair sticking out all over his head, faded jeans, and a grey-and-black flannel shirt).” This turned my default character “Robert” into my aging hippie “Pete” and it worked just the way I wanted.
    I’m eager to pick up more adjustment and improvisation methods. I also really want to get at other aesthetic styles.

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  24. d (verified owner)

    At this moment, I’m designing the shots for a short film. However, there is a problem—each shot can only have one character. Once I fix this issue, I really believe that this will be a fantastic way to convey the story. I even reached out to the chatbot, and it confirmed my suspicion: one character per shot.

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  25. 1 (verified owner)

    I obtained a Tier 2 license for this magnificent software about two hours ago, and I can already say that the purchasing and access process were both a walk in the park. After diving in and experimenting with some test projects, I am truly in awe. This software has the potential to allow one to become a maestro of storytelling using not just words but visuals as well—right down to the crosshatched detail of an eyelash or the curve of a woman’s back. The engine that powers this visual rendering is first-rate. The storyboarding templates that should help, well, tell the story, are as nice as can be, even though there are only two of them at this time. And I should probably also mention that this software is a pretty cool tool to use. There are a few nooks and crannies where things might need some tightening up, particularly when one gets into the complexity of building narrative knots and narrative cul-de-sacs, but really, it’s a first-rate, if pricey, piece of software. I’m enjoying myself. I may even buy a series of “comic” novellas told through the medium of this software, because it seems perfectly suited for that sort of thing, and I expect that the process of doing it will also be a pleasure.

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  26. D (verified owner)

    In short, this is the future for advertisements, game trailers, short stories, and possibly even longer video series used for storytelling.

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  27. h (verified owner)

    The Katalist Storytelling Studio is all potential and has “pioneered the right mindset,” as one admiring reviewer put it. And yet, despite those five-star reviews, it is not a “super user-friendly” platform and it is certainly not “gentle” on your wallet. More to the point, the Katalist potential is for sure there, but right now, it is less of a production tool and more of a “let’s-gather-round-the-campfire-and-share” kind of app.
    Katalist Storytelling Studio is far from the finesse one might expect in a beta test. Reviewers express a desire for much more functionality than what the present offering allows. Current users can’t do storyboards at all! I agree with all of that, and I am baffled by the premature praise (and even an apparent Editor’s Choice in one magazine), when the “beta-ness” of this product seems to me to be very much on display.
    Adding new scenes to the storyboard is quite laborious. You must move every single scene to where you want it to be, and you can’t just “say” where it goes; you must “do” the movement with your mouse. And what’s worse is that the act of moving scenes around takes twice as long when you aren’t even sure where your scenes are supposed to go in the first place, and you can’t just will them to relocate; you have to renavigate the same path they took to get there.
    Although the idea behind the Katalist Storytelling Studio is definitely full of promise, it really falls short in the way it is currently being done. Although there is good reason to believe that the underlying structure of the app might yield something of value for skilled users of the app, the way the app currently works makes it almost impossible to produce anything useful using the app in its current form.
    The text is currently rated with five stars for its concept and two stars for its current usability.
    The Katalist Storytelling Studio has the potential to transform storytelling, but it needs considerable improvement to work as advertised. If you expressly SAY it can make a series of videos, you should definitely BE ABLE TO in your test. Being able to create videos that do what you SAY they do is basic when it comes to creating a tool for creators.

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  28. j (verified owner)

    I’ve been putting some of this app’s features to the test, and I have to say; I am quite pleased with the way it’s working out. It has a serious wow factor. I can see the tool being improved a lot as the product grows up. Personally, I’ve found the consistent character or characters throughout the story to be helpful. I hope that, moving forward, the developer carves in more of SORA’s and SORA+’s features if and when our magnificent super AI becomes available for the public to use. I think that doing so could really complement the app and potentially push it to where it can blow more minds.

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  29. 9 (verified owner)

    I want to make this absolutely clear: Katalist is the best level software and will improve even more in the future.

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  30. C (verified owner)

    At present, this product does not meet the requirement of storyboarding. As we know, those jobs involve multiple characters to create stories, and this present product is not able to do that. They try to make up for this by offering pre-made characters which, I must say, are really basic (stick figures, to be precise) and don’t serve the purpose of breathing life into your scenes, characters, and stories. As a matter of fact, if you import a character externally and try to work with them, their beauty is gone; the corner that makes us keep Appsumo-ing for its beauty has been shaved off unceremoniously! I am seriously thankful for the 60-day money-back policy.

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  31. g (verified owner)

    After going through all the reviews, I have to agree with most of them. The app does, indeed, limit you to the characters already provided. Furthermore, it only allows you to use each sense twice. Using both the 250 images allowed for each tier and the 500 allowed for two tiers, I plowed through the app very quickly. To make content worth looking at, I was forced to get the $24.99 month two tier. I don’t regret that decision. I looked at the app and said to myself, “This is it. This is the basis for the best storytelling app you will ever encounter.” However, this is also the app with the most improvement possible.

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  32. p (verified owner)

    If you’re in the content creation industry or an agency within it, this application is necessary to have, and it’s priced absurdly low for what it does for you. I had been storyboarding one image at a time, trying to visually match the look and feel of established characters. It was really hard, almost verging on impossible, in fact, for me and I’m sure for a lot of other creators, too.

    Then I found Katalist. Wow.

    It was a game-changer from the very first storyboard I used it on. I didn’t use any custom characters for this one: I chose two from the library. Plus some stuff from the library in the “props.” And that is how you make a Magic Masterpiece.

    And now: The languid and dread-filled THRASH OF THE UNDEAD IN THE UNDERWORLD!

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  33. A (verified owner)

    After nearly a day’s work, I can confidently provide my near-instant reaction to Whole Tacos, a software that dumbfounded me with its audacity. I don’t think more than 10 people have worked on it at any given time. Getting technology to do anything that deals with making content (mashups, edits, et cetera), let alone content that people actually want to consume, is an arduous task. And we did that. We managed to approximate intelligence, and tonality, and something close to the appearance of understanding human speech. Here’s a link to the dumb thing I made. I’m not going to empower this thing by linking to our channel, but I’m sure you can find it.

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  34. c (verified owner)

    Perhaps it’s my own fault, but I purchased this software with the belief that it would produce artwork of a higher quality than the average AI software. However, it does not. The two are about the same. I already have a couple of AI apps that do approximately the same thing. now on to Katalist itself. I purchased the second-level tier of use for this software. And as a YouTube content creator, I’m not going to request a refund-I’m hoping to still put it to good use. And I have to believe that as the technology it’s based on improves, so too will software like it. It does a good enough job to create storyboards, which is what it’s really designed to do.

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  35. M (verified owner)

    The storyboarding software is truly remarkable. These days, I use artificial intelligence to create videos. My two favorite tools for that are Kiba and ClipChamp. But while Kiba focuses more on textual visualizations and ClipChamp is good for making videos in general, I really was missing a tool that could help me imagine and sketch out the “AI moment” beforehand (the way I do with pencil and paper). Indeed, storyboarding is often done with artists who need to study how something will look before they actually create it, and whether you’re creating with a pen, a brush, or a stylus, the result is much the same. And so, in my particular case, I longed for a visual aspect and decided to try out ComicsHead for that.

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  36. w (verified owner)

    I would rate this tool 5 out of 5 for the idea, but because of the current level of usability, only 2 out of 5.

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  37. n (verified owner)

    Katalist is a storytelling studio. It is a collaboration of creative minds that yield the best work. It is a software platform that lets you tell a story with the most inspired visual and audio components that you can dream up. Some of it is about giving you more latitude to use the tools you have and giving those tools the power to do more. Some of it is about shouldering some of the cognitive load that inevitably comes with the process, allowing you to focus more on the content and less on how to get there.

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  38. a (verified owner)

    Ai has numerous very helpful applications for everyday life. One of these is Katalist, which makes perfect sense. But … for my needs, Katalist is not made, or it is still too early in development. What I would really like is to be able to use more than one profile. I would also like to be able to set up the point of view. Most of the time, I need the protagonist to be seen from behind, looking at another person or at a machine. I would also like to be able to create scenes without people. Another thing I’d like to be able to do is to create technical things. For example, engines, tools, computers, processors, etc. And I would also like to be able to use our program’s image as if it were a mock-up. That way, we could use e.g. a computer display with our program as an upload image in a Katalist project. Finally, I also think it would be great to be able to use our own images and videos.

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  39. T (verified owner)

    I cannot say I don’t enjoy it. Each of my past movies has strongly inspired me to create more of them. The concept of creating something from nothing using the tools of the trade and testing out possibilities is gratifying.

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  40. s (verified owner)

    The way I see it, this software isn’t good enough yet. I attempted to evaluate it using a few pulp fiction scripts, and even that was too long. What I got in return was a slurry of someone eating a burger, and it was repeated a hundred times. It then had the nerve to tell me that my script was too long.

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  41. c (verified owner)

    It seems tantalizingly close to being useful but is maddeningly distant from actually being so in any real-world, real-time sense. The AI might as well not even be aboard for the majority of real-world, real-time requests. That is, unless you like your work coming back to you in gibberish. And the support, potentially the saving grace for an otherwise-stellar product, is nearly impossible to get hold of in any kind of useful or timely way. That’s a big downer when you’ve just blown up two days of work on a product that was, by all appearances (before you started using it, at least), a bona fide, life-changing find. And now, all you can say is, “I tried.”

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  42. J (verified owner)

    I am pleased with the direction that Katalist is taking for storyboarding. The way they handle the individual scenes and how they transition from one to the next is quite good.

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  43. a (verified owner)

    Outstanding software! I am really looking forward to seeing how the videos are incorporated. I am enjoying it very much.

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  44. s (verified owner)

    At first, I very much liked the concept. I purchased it right away but never actually used it. Not only did I think it was a cool thing to have, I also believed I could create amazing videos with it. However, my opinion changed after a real experience of using it. Now I truly appreciate the possibilities that are opened up when you use this medium for telling stories. As of yesterday, I have been using it for creating visuals for my online courses. I am using it in a sort of sketching way to create visuals for an abstract framework that I am working with. So far, I have really been enjoying the results.

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  45. T (verified owner)

    I adore the idea, but it’s not yet mature. There’s something here, but it’s not yet fully formed. It has value, for sure—however, this value could and, hopefully, will increase if the product continues in the direction it’s currently going.

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  46. q (verified owner)

    I enjoy using the app. I purchased the second level, but it must be made available in more languages, particularly Spanish, in order to be truly effective. I must use it more often and will provide an update.

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  47. t (verified owner)

    My most important instrument is and will become even more powerful with new updates.

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  48. T (verified owner)

    My initial impression of Katalist was that it was a minimum viable product—functional but not fully developed. It created neat little visual stories and videos. I didn’t detect any signs of major updates at first. That was when they dropped the bomb. The update had come, and it had come for real. Now Katalist lets you create custom characters. This was the cherry on top.

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  49. c (verified owner)

    This is not yet a tool that is ready, but investing in it for life seems like a wise choice. The current iterations are extremely bare-bones and not super useful, at least in my experience. Still, when I recently got a preview in the Katalist Discord of the kinds of features the team is planning to add, it looked like a much more impressive and complete product. If you can imagine those idealized features with anything close to the same level of execution they seem to be aiming for, this has the potential to be a truly amazing kit for serious storytellers. For now, though, I’m giving it a much more speculative four tacos, and a vote of confidence for the future.

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  50. M (verified owner)

    Using artificial intelligence to generate storyboards is a unique, sensible way to use AI. Instead of hiring a person to plan out the filming, filmmakers can now rely on AI to do that part of the pre-production process.

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  51. r (verified owner)

    Katalist has the potential to be an excellent app. However, the output of the storyboard panels really needs some work. For instance, when you write a prompt featuring only two characters, the AI often adds extra characters to the final panel. Even when you edit the panel to remove those extra characters, the app will still regenerate them if you try to produce a new image for the panel. This leads to a lot of frustration and, quite honestly, has resulted in some really unnecessary work on my part. I think that this is something the developers can fix, though, and I really hope they do because otherwise, I love the idea behind the app and would like to use it more.

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  52. w (verified owner)

    I expect this software can enormously improve video generation in the near future. I, for one, don’t have a direct need for characters to generate videos. I will work with it for 60 more days, and if character video generation doesn’t make substantial strides, I will stick with using the AI image generator and have total control over the output and work in the timeline editor. But the team is excited about the video generation feature, and I am, too; I just don’t have a direct use for it, unlike the many YouTubers who use the software.

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  53. M (verified owner)

    This is a genuine review: I purchased Tier 2 but could not consistently generate characters, so I got a refund. Katalist then added the ability to upload “seeds” for character generation, and when I used that, I got a much better result; consistently good, and sometimes great. Uploading is a bit of a process for now, though, so you gotta be a little patient, but the pay-off is there when you use it. Also, I think they are going places if they keep listening and improving in this way.

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  54. m (verified owner)

    Yesterday, I purchased “Tier 2” and spent the entire evening playing with it. I don’t think the site could get any simpler; it’s almost comically low-tech in its aesthetic. This stripped-down nature gives it an extremely low learning curve, though, which is a big plus for me in terms of getting up and running. The folks at OpenAI have made a really amazing tutorial video on their developers’ YouTube channel that shows a step-by-step process of someone using script to make ChatGPT produce a story. With this tutorial in mind, I then got to work creating a CSV file that specified a sequence of interactions between the model and a user.

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  55. c (verified owner)

    Continúa enriqueciéndose, lo veo mejor y espero que este año logre cumplir con una buena parte de su hoja de ruta. Sigue en ese camino.

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