GoBrunch Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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Revolutionize Your Online Events With GoBrunch’s Unique Interface

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Are your online attendees missing out on valuable content because they’re too busy on TikTok? Don’t miss this game-changing solution! Say hello to GoBrunch – the ultimate webinar platform that will captivate your audience like never before.

Experience interactive features, engaging breakout rooms, and seamless participant interaction that will revolutionize your virtual sessions.

Say goodbye to dull webinars and welcome a new era with GoBrunch!


Bored of Bland Webinars? Discover GoBrunch – The Ultimate Platform for Engaging Virtual Attendees!

-Unique interface provides more engagement and higher value for virtual attendees
-Makes virtual events more fun with interactivity and a user experience that mimics in-person events
-Allows you to host unlimited webinars inside of GoBrunch without requiring any installation

My Review

GoBrunch is the perfect online meeting platform with customizable virtual spaces, easy navigation, and an immersive user experience.

Despite occasional minor glitches, the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback proves that GoBrunch is a solid buy.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can try it out risk-free today.

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GoBrunch Overview

GoBrunch is the perfect webinar platform for entrepreneurs who want to take their virtual events to the next level.

With its unique interface, attendees can experience the same level of engagement and interaction as an in-person event.

Unlike other platforms, GoBrunch allows you to create unlimited webinars without any installation required.

You can easily set up your virtual classroom and start sharing your content within minutes.

With GoBrunch, you can choose from a variety of room layouts and let participants pick their own seats, just like in person.

You can also play video content, present slides, and record sessions, all while allowing guests to interact through features like raising hands and voting.

Plus, at the end of the session, you’ll receive a detailed report on attendee participation.

GoBrunch also provides you with complete control over your virtual event.

You can manage every mic and camera, control the screen, moderate the chat, and even create multiple breakout rooms and simultaneous sessions with different organizers assigned to each.

Say goodbye to boring webinars and hello to a more engaging, interactive experience with GoBrunch.

Start connecting with your audience today!

By the founders

Hey there entrepreneurs! Welcome to GoBrunch on AppSumo! We’re excited to see what you’ll create with our fully customizable virtual space designed for creators, coaches, and startups.

With 24/7 access and personalized branding options, you can bring your community together in an immersive and engaging environment that reflects your brand’s identity.

Showcase your content in unique and interactive ways, and make your meetings, events, and webinars unforgettable experiences.

Plus, with our latest updates, including revamped mobile experience and secret keys for your rooms, you can create custom Club House-like spaces and keep your content safe and secure.

Join the hundreds of Sumo-lings who are already using GoBrunch to create community spaces, as a virtual office, for teaching and training, networking events, and more.

Check out our resources, including our roadmap, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page, and Help Center.

Become a Certified Space Builder and book a demo with us to get the most out of your GoBrunch experience.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Cheers!


With GoBrunch’s rave reviews and solid performance, it’s clear that this virtual meeting platform is a top contender in the market.

Despite a few minor bumps along the way, its customizable features and immersive user experience make it a standout choice for those seeking a versatile online meeting solution.

And with a tempting one-time purchase deal at just $79 and a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s never been a better time to give it a go! Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – click below to secure your special deal and elevate your online meetings with GoBrunch today!

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57 reviews for GoBrunch Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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  1. J (verified owner)

    To be completely truthful, I find this app to be amazingly perplexing. It’s my love-hate relationship with it that has me sitting on the fence. I can’t be 100% sure that I love using Room or 100% sure that I hate using Room because I’m so used to the way that I hold class. I like having everyone on the same screen so I can see all of their faces, and I can see right through the act that some students may try to put on when they think no one is looking. I know who is in my class because I know what they look like. When you have a class full of up to 200 students, it’s almost like they’re on a path toward becoming your second (or third or fourth) family because you’re in the presence of what they to might become in 10, 15, 20 years.

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  2. F (verified owner)

    In my personal testing, everything is functioning very well. The aesthetic of the platform is quite nice and surprising. I am also quite amazed by the platform’s support for multiple languages. GoBrunch solves a lot of different problems for a lot of different users in a lot of different ways. One of the biggest boons for this platform is its structure for workgroups. The ability to organize into workgroups is as powerful a tool as I have seen on any e-learning platform. And there are some very unique and interesting things that GoBrunch can do that I have not seen on any other platform – such as the ability to share videos with the audience and general interactivity on the platform in ways not seen with other platforms.

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  3. a (verified owner)

    Last week I bought the third and top-tier package and have been looking into the Gobrunch features. To be honest, I’m really, really impressed. The user experience and design that the whole team put into Gobrunch is just top-notch. This is truly a beautiful system in terms of its design and how it feels to use it.

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  4. e (verified owner)

    I have been greatly impressed with the large number of participants that can be in a room with GoBrunch that can’t be achieved with other tools. Many rooms or very large rooms can be created in the GoBrunch, and all can have a virtual meeting at the same time. Being able to create several rooms and have a side conversation without leaving the main virtual meeting is a huge plus for holding virtual conferences and other large virtual meetings.

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  5. 7 (verified owner)

    The GoBrunch platform is user-friendly and versatile, with a unique and inviting interface for hosting virtual events. GoBrunch allows for comprehensive controls that enable you, as the host, to manage multiple virtual “rooms” and “sessions.” While it is an outstanding tool for course creators, event organizers, and small businesses, it also is well-suited to the needs of “prosumers.” You can customize the event area, use interactive features, play recorded or live video content, utilize “breakout rooms” for small groups, and even sing the praises of your brand with the help of the conferencing tools in GoBrunch. You can collaborate with participants on projects using the Miro whiteboarding tool or with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Offering the ideal combination of price, convenience, and efficacy, GoBrunch is a platform that offers a lot of value for anyone who frequently hosts virtual events.

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  6. M (verified owner)

    goBrunch offers a number of outstanding video conferencing features. We’re particularly enamored of the way it uses live thumbnail images of participants; these are arrayed in a round frame in the center of the video window. And because it’s really easy to change the background behind the circle of live images, we’ve been doing that a lot, too. We’re also big fans of the way goBrunch lets multiple participants share their desktops simultaneously.

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  7. mhart (verified owner)

    I bought GoBrunch Tier 2 to measure it against Butter, a video-conferencing product also available through AppSumo. I didn’t want to squander my return window. Butter is awkward when it comes to audio or video recording. They have a policy against it. GoBrunch ensures you have a place to store video recordings because the pros (meaning people paying for GoBrunch) have the opportunity to store as many old meetings as they need to without penalty. You can even download recordings to your local machine.

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  8. a (verified owner)

    Esta herramienta es fácil de usar y los tutoriales son muy buenos. Me parece que van a mejorar aún más. En resumen, estoy muy satisfecho.

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  9. f (verified owner)

    I have always desired to evoke a tiny semblance of that beautiful “working together in the same space” vibe one gets from sharing a common workspace or a virtual classroom. But in my online music academy, every student works from home. The closest we get to a shared workspace is a virtual office hours meeting room. Nothing is stopping me from adding more to our shared virtual experiences. Now that we’ve created a robust online music curriculum, I feel like it’s a perfect time to experiment with the “virtual music studio” idea. And I’m seeing GoBrunch as my vehicle for that.

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  10. A (verified owner)

    I attended a session with Richard and he explained the capabilities and ideal ways to use different features.

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  11. h (verified owner)

    I almost decided on using Zoom, but then I found GoBrunch. It’s really easy to use and seems perfect for people who aren’t super tech-savvy, which is a big part of the group I’d be trying to connect with. I’m hoping that they’ll add a German language option soon—it seems like a solid choice overall.

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  12. K (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with the interface’s user-friendliness and the way it provided access to the presenter’s features. Over the years, I have used just about all the major meeting and screen-sharing products that exist, and the experience of using GoBrunch is something entirely different—and in a good way. Having seen it on AppSumo before, I can say with authority that the version we’re offering today is far more sophisticated. If they come back with that deal, you should 100 percent get it. The price is right, and the product is still trending in the direction I like.

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  13. h (verified owner)

    I must say, it’s truly amazing. I was looking for somewhere to call my own, a kind of virtual hangout spot where others could join me and have a great time.

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  14. m (verified owner)

    I have always thought that Zoom calls are somewhat inauthentic and quite exhausting. It’s as if an entire group of individuals could just have a window with a curse on it through which they could voyeuristically watch my every move inside my apartment, while I, through the same window, could see their awkward, silly selves, letting it all hang out. This makes it incredibly draining and almost impossible to focus on the conversation. Actually, you know what? That is exactly what I can’t stand about Zoom calls. They are not conversations and never will be, no matter how many times my professors tell me to use emojis to signal my enthusiasm.

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  15. i (verified owner)

    I’m already using these really fantastic and fluid telephone conference rooms for relaxation. They’re just like rooms for cooling down. No problems so far; they’re perfectly smooth. …

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  16. d (verified owner)

    The more I explore this app, the more potential applications I find. GoBrunch can be used for countless types of gatherings, from one-on-one meetings to large conferences and virtual parties. I’ve even heard of people using it to host virtual home tours and other creative events. The app itself is well made, and it’s clearly been designed with a lot of user input to make it as intuitive as possible for both attendees and hosts. Additionally, the company behind GoBrunch is fantastic. Any time I’ve reached out to their customer service, I’ve gotten a reply within a few hours, and the replies have always been friendly and helpful.

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  17. v (verified owner)

    We required a way to present our customers with an online game. It was an immediate success! The client was happy and the users had a blast. Implementing the tool was easy, and everything just worked very well. After giving away two modules, we reached out for support, and, again, we were pleased with the prompt and helpful response from a team of experts. I have made many purchases from AppSumo, but this is one of the very best impressions I have received. I highly recommend it!

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  18. a (verified owner)

    I purchased a Tier 3 room and in the past two hours organized custom subdomains as well as multiple rooms.

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  19. C (verified owner)

    Here is my updated review, now that I have gotten more use out of this product. I use it for various purposes such as one-on-one website client meetings, virtual collaboration in co-working spaces, and for both individual and small-group coaching. I find that it is just as good, if not better, than the Zoom platform that many people are using these days.

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  20. l (verified owner)

    Initially obtained for business reasons, I now see how this might easily take over my life. I frittered away a day of work setting up a bunch of differently themed virtual rooms as a way to enhance my subscriber community experience. One of my friends—one!—even deigned to drop by. But that was a sort of soft opening. Today I decided to do a test run and livestreamed YouTube videos of the recent UFO hearings to what amounted to a sort of Star Trek–themed virtual room for my friend, and, well, it was just a little too realistic for my tastes. Despite that experience, and some minor quibbles, I can tell you that AltSpaceVR is a really splendid way to pass the time.

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  21. 5 (verified owner)

    When everyone else is becoming Zoom, GoBrunch stands out. And I am enjoying using it to lead my community. I am very excited about the possibilities that this app offers. It allows me to be creative while also offering my community something of real value. It feels like the first online space that has been custom-built just for us. And I love that!

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  22. k (verified owner)

    Rich, this one is for you, buddy. I lost an important recording in the midst of my chaotic web browsing. I reached out to support for help, and to my surprise, it was the CEO who responded. He took my problem to heart and worked tirelessly to help me find a solution. I think he must have spent more time on it than I did. In the end, he succeeded in recovering my lost file. I will never forget and will always be grateful for his efforts.Through that entire experience, he sent me emails containing tips and best practices, motivating me to obtain the Certificate the company offers. The unparalleled advantage of the application is the extent of the user experience you’re able to design; it produces very malleable software that adapts to the idiosyncrasies of your brand. And the customer support is great, too. They’re always online with fast response times for when you have issues or need help with something that isn’t readily apparent in the video tutorials.The videos that offer assistance are fantastic and feature an amazing girl who has a nose ring! And the redesigned website? Wow. It has such a fabulous appearance, and everything works so well. They really did a top-notch job on that. It’s easy to navigate, and the layout is a sweet one. I really can’t offer enough compliments! Masks Up. Their site gets a well-deserved 10 out of 10.

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  23. t (verified owner)

    This has been an absolute blast, and my students and clients seem to love it just as much. It’s way more enjoyable than Zoom. We’ve had no issues with it whatsoever, and now, I’m just determined to make an activity out of decorating my various virtual training rooms–something that could ostensibly be a substitute for “actual” teaching. (I get paid in Bitcoin )

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  24. s (verified owner)

    Gobrunch is an amazing tool. I use it to connect with a community and generate leads by hosting events. The founder, Richard, introduced me to some features I hadn’t discovered on my own. He’s really hands-on and devoted to helping his clients. Gobrunch is basically Zoom, but with a lot more personality.

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  25. R (verified owner)

    The software’s exclusive and fascinating community and interaction features set it apart from the rest. Its support is really helpful and is something I was eagerly anticipating after missing out on it in July.

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  26. c (verified owner)

    I have been using GoBrunch for quite some time now and enjoy its functionality, creativity, and overall fun. I have never used anything quite like it. I have tried out and returned my fair share of Zoom alternatives that I purchased on AppSumo. Since I am so often online, I am constantly evaluating tools that are different from and maybe even superior to Zoom.Online meetings are more interesting and enjoyable, and GoBrunch takes them to a whole new level. What the founder, Richard, is able to do with this platform is truly remarkable. He’s always there to help and add his knowledge when it’s needed.Currently, I cannot fully replace Zoom with RemoteHQ for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, my audience is just so accustomed to using Zoom that they are unsure and even a little afraid when I suggest we try a different video conferencing platform. I understand that change is tough, especially when you’ve had to learn and become comfortable with something that’s been a constant in our lives for the past year. Second, I have experienced a few instances of connectivity issues when using RemoteHQ. Sometimes, I’ve had to rejoin a conversation because I’ve been inexplicably kicked out, and on a couple of occasions, the person I’ve been talking to has completely vanished from sight (though not from sound!). Lastly, using RemoteHQ on a phone is a bit funky. A smartphone is tiny enough as it is to try and use it as a substitute for a real computer when you’re remotely connecting to a workspace. But I don’t think that’s what’s really bothering me. What’s bothering me is the fact that if you want to use RemoteHQ on a smartphone, you have to turn the thing sideways. What are we, trapeze artists? (Actually, I’m really bad at trapeze. And juggling. And tightrope walking… you know what, let’s just call it a wrap and go back to the comfort of our Z(o)om…).

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  27. m (verified owner)

    This software, I must say, I really like. I use it all the time, and it’s a great Zoom replacement that costs just a fraction of the price. It also performs very well.

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  28. j (verified owner)

    With exceptional support and just the right level of personal touch, GoBrunch is not just an average Zoom alternative. Led by its CEO, Richard, this intuitive, stable app is perfect for both meetings and webinars. For our rating, we simply couldn’t give it fewer than five tacos. If you can’t even spell “Webconference,” much less use Zoom or any of its alternatives, you should go visit Richard’s site. Go Brunch. Highly recommended!

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  29. s (verified owner)

    I simply can’t express my excitement for this cloud-based app enough! It’s truly stunning. You can do anything, really, to the space and to the decorum of the virtual room. And it’s not a substitute for something else, like being in a traditional office, because it doesn’t just look like you think an office should look. It didn’t blow me away with its sheer beauty and comprehensiveness. What I love most is that there’s no limit on time and that you seemingly never have to pack up your stuff. If going to the office is a one-taco experience, then this is a five-taco experience.

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  30. K (verified owner)

    We already have three video meeting platforms, including cloudpresenter, sessions, and butter. When gobrunch entered the scene, I have to admit I was skeptical. I mean, I just don’t need another video platform, right? But that all changed when I took a look at their offer.The thing is, I couldn’t find any mention of session duration in the gobrunch materials. And that’s an important selling point of other video platforms—how long can you stay on a call? Can you communicate with ten people for two hours, or a hundred people for six hours?gobrunch has an ace up its sleeve in this area. Because they let the customer meeting room stay open permanently, and because they allow the group workspace to stay active even when it’s empty, they can basically call any time the time of the event. And they don’t charge extra for staying on a call longer than a certain duration.This gives gobrunch a leg up on webinars.

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  31. c (verified owner)

    The support is really great. The tool is very intuitive and fast. It’s not at all difficult to work with.

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  32. C (verified owner)

    How does GoBrunch differ from all other platforms? In many wonderful ways! <3

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  33. s (verified owner)

    GoBrunch is an incredible tool; it’s a brainless choice that just makes so much sense. It’s now clear to me why Generation Z was so enraptured with Minecraft. That game is, in effect, their—as well as some of our—metaverse. So let me explain myself: Imagine that each member of your audience has a Minecraft character. You can call it a “Minecraft proxy.”You have your avatar that can look like you if you should choose (or not). It is a reasonable facsimile of you. You are (by you, I mean your avatar is) in effect the “you” in this little metaverse.

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  34. o (verified owner)

    In addition to using Sessions, Butter, and Bigmarker, I find Gobrunch a standout platform. It’s a hidden gem that, once you try it, becomes an essential part of your online presentation toolbox.

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  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is simple to navigate, and it improves the overall experience of virtual events, making them more personal and enjoyable. I initially purchased one access code to see if I liked it, and within twenty minutes, I went back to buy more. It’s an exceptional tool!

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  36. A (verified owner)

    The quality of technical support I have received is very high. Over this last week, I have determined the steps to embed videos from VadooTV (a previous Appsumo purchase or on Adillo: A New Enterprise), and I’m happy with the result. Also, I have successfully incorporated an embedded PDF in my online room by way of the Iframe.copy module from ShareDocView.com available on Appsumo. Making use of a “buymeacoffee” donation link and a free Canva embed allows me now to put up to 20 chapters of the King James Version and 21 chapters of the Young’s Literal Version up on the understandingMachinge.com website, Wittig App.If they enjoy the written word, people can donate and discuss it with like-minded folks who happen to be in the virtual room. This colossal labor of love is going to require the audience to cover the 1,189 chapters found in the Bible. Richard, the proprietor of Tier 3, has said that they have virtually infinite space to create the audiobook.I will utilize Lindo to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. In this space, I will provide a list of each chapter from the Bible. Within this list, I will include links to the chapter headings that are found within my GoBrunch room. I currently have a deal with AppSumo, where I am using their SuperMachine AI to make a unique and fresh GoBrunch room for each Bible chapter.

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  37. t (verified owner)

    I adore this product. I’ve had a great time building rooms with it, and it has allowed me to expand my product suite to include rooms for clients.

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  38. A (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a lot from Appsumo, and a few of those deals have truly been a game-changer for my business. GoBrunch is one of those and by far the best deal I’ve gotten and the most value I received. I’ve tried to have a membership part to my business for years. I tried many things, a lot of software, and went through the ringer with all of it. Either way, it was just way too complex to figure out. Or, I didn’t have enough of the right tools.

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  39. 8 (verified owner)

    Any form of education or communication absolutely requires this. I would strongly advise you to seize this opportunity while you can. It may not appear again.

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  40. M (verified owner)

    It exudes and epitomizes simplicity, power, and engagement. Richard has got this—big time. I see it as an online college campus that might Could it replace Zoom but be so much more? It is all that and a box of grommets, especially when you add widgets and start creating worlds digital word clouds, and open your thesis with a visit to the Mutter Museum.

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  41. 1 (verified owner)

    The future of video communication and meetings lies in GoBrunch. It is far more capable of creating a virtual atmosphere than its competitors. I am very pleased to have discovered this app and I eagerly anticipate its future developments. I strongly encourage others to give it a try.

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  42. L (verified owner)

    For the past couple of months, I have been using GoBrunch, and I adore it. It has without a doubt replaced Zoom as my go-to video conferencing tool. For one, I think the possibility is limitless in terms of what can be done on GoBrunch. It is, first and foremost, a platform to allow hosts to run a community. And with that comes power—to hold lectures or meetings or webinars with big guest lists and to do after-movie chat sessions for your audience or even to provide a lightweight alternative to a learning management system.

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  43. 3 (verified owner)

    If you desire to build a community or a place for interaction, be it a work-sharing experience, a training session or edutainment, a commune or a commune play—and when I say “fun,” I mean hey-wait-a-minute-I’m-clearly-just-pulling-all-these-buzzwords-out-of-a-brainstorm-list kinda fun! SER’s Campus is the place for you. Richard Rotysztain, the mastermind architect and brain behind this, is probably one of “them,” as in “one of those people overarchingly invested in workspaces/places for conviviality and delight that are also ergonomically and effectively productive.”

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  44. N (verified owner)

    I have recently found a community meeting software that I am very fond of. It is also a fantastic tool for making presentations and networking with others.

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  45. s (verified owner)

    This software is truly the crème de la crème when it comes to creating a sense of community. When using this tool, you can’t help but feel as if you are right there, where the action is, and that’s what makes for a great online experience.

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  46. a (verified owner)

    This tool is fabulous! I just upgraded from tier to tier 3, and that says it all. My clients adore it as a Zoom alternative.

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  47. 6 (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying GoBrunch for several reasons. For one, it’s not just a prettier version of Zoom. It has a completely different concept. Instead of just creating a “virtual meeting room,” you can think of it as an event management system that allows you to build a whole virtual world. And that virtual world can have “rooms” of any kind. You can have a “room” for intimate conversations, a “room” for holding webinars, a “room” for a conference, etc.

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  48. T (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic—I’ve used Zoom and some other platforms, but this one really stands out. It has everything those two do, and more. “More” meaning that you can personalize and brand multiple spaces. They’re making it super-easy to deploy for all kinds of scenarios and, honestly, I see so many ways to use it already. For business and fun, community and sales meetings, training, webinars, you name it. I can’t go into detail because I’d be here forever otherwise, but just know that the possibilities seem endless. And really, you have to be pretty creatively deficient not to see a use for this. I mean that with total respect to any negative reviews I may come across. The CEO of the company, Richard, is very engaged with the product, they’re making updates constantly and, also, they seem like a “good vibes only” company from the time I’ve spent on their website. Take what you will from that.

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  49. s (verified owner)

    Today, video calls are everywhere. And in this world, where we spend so much time talking to each other through screens, human connection sometimes lacks a certain something. Go Branch fills that void. It’s good to be on a call at Branch, where the human element isn’t so fleeting and where the bond shared by those on the call feels a little bit stronger, a little bit more real.

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  50. a (verified owner)

    I recently came across GoBrunch, a unique video conferencing tool that has revolutionized the way I work online. Being in the business of building relationships, I find that GoBrunch has been a real game changer. It is so easy to use, for both me and my clients. But what sets it apart for me is the level of personalization I can achieve. In this platform, I can build custom virtual spaces that reflect the exact look and feel I want for my brand and for each session. I can build out different types of spaces to suit different purposes—a private office for individual sessions, a workshop space for group work, and an intimate space for anything that needs a touch of silence, like a relaxation exercise or a guided meditation.

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  51. m (verified owner)

    I found what seems like so much more than an alternative to Zoom or Meet. Gobrunch is a game changer, and you need to try it!

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  52. 1 (verified owner)

    Working smoothly is key in the digital age.

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  53. 1 (verified owner)

    GoBrunch is an electrifying option that goes beyond Zoom; it kindles authentic community interaction in a way that no other app I have seen quite accomplishes. The digital spaces it creates for meetings are simultaneously exploratory and inviting, with an immediacy that seems to ask: “How can we make this better? How can we make this closer to the real thing, and not some facsimile thereof?” These are the kinds of digital spaces I actively enjoy being in. And, hey, if a meeting can be enjoyed, why not?

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  54. j (verified owner)

    GoBrunch is an electrifying option that goes beyond Zoom; it kindles authentic community interaction in a way that no other app I have seen quite accomplishes. The digital spaces it creates for meetings are simultaneously exploratory and inviting, with an immediacy that seems to ask: “How can we make this better? How can we make this closer to the real thing, and not some facsimile thereof?” These are the kinds of digital spaces I actively enjoy being in. And, hey, if a meeting can be enjoyed, why not?

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  55. b (verified owner)

    The value you get here is crazy! Any other alternative would keep most of the fantastic features that come in this software package hidden away behind a massive, overpriced upgrade.

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  56. i (verified owner)

    My virtual assistant business has been revolutionized by the adoption of GoBrunch. We’ve set up rooms for various purposes, like eating together and coworking. The space also has a nice, homey feel to it, which makes it more comfortable and conducive to work. I’m in the process of replacing Zoom with GoBrunch for all of my virtual calls. The platform itself is more fun and engaging, making it great for the whole coaching and community experience I’m in the process of building. The standout feature, for me, is the CEO of the company. His name is Richard, and he’s been incredibly responsive with attending to my questions, as well as just being generally present and helpful in the community. The overall experience really feels like I’m a part of something, and I highly recommend making the switch, especially you, Richard!

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  57. 1 (verified owner)

    I’m experimenting with this tool, and up until now, I’m feeling somewhat let down. Once I’d read the comments, I had higher expectations.

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