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Revolutionize Your WordPress Site Management And Say Goodbye To Server Headaches

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Running a business can be overwhelming, especially when trying to recall numerous server passwords.

Resetting passwords every time you log in is not a sustainable solution.

Managing multiple logins and intricate commands not only causes stress but also consumes valuable work hours.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a WordPress-centric platform that enables you to manage, enhance, and supervise all your servers from a single location? Enter FlyWP.


Take your WordPress site to new heights with FlyWP – the ultimate docker-powered server management platform for optimal performance and flexibility.

– Say goodbye to server headaches and hello to easy WordPress site management with FlyWP!
– Want unlimited test sites and access to dev tools like continuous “git push”? FlyWP has got you covered.
– Build, manage, and launch your WordPress sites on any cloud or custom server with the power of Docker.
– Don’t miss out on the ultimate WordPress management platform – FlyWP!

My Review

I have rated FlyWP 5.00 stars/5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, normally priced at $250, is now available for just $49- a -80% discount.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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FlyWP Overview

FlyWP is a platform for managing WordPress servers powered by Docker, making it possible to manage your site(s) across many of today’s major cloud or custom servers.

By using FlyWP, it is possible to establish a link with any cloud hosting provider, regardless of whether it is a custom VPS, a cloud-based platform, or anything in between.

It operates at its best on Amazon EC2, Vultr, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Akamai, as well as custom servers, making it easier to host a WordPress website.

Furthermore, users can place their manual backup files on external platforms and have the possibility to set automatic backups for the future.

Optimized for use on DigitalOcean, Vultr, and various other cloud servers, FlyWP is designed to create any kind of WordPress website on demand.

From single standard sites to multisite setups and everything in between, FlyWP is ready to breathe life into your project in an instant.

Even better, you can add an unlimited number of test sites for maximal flexibility and room to experiment.

Last but not least, your sites are protected, powered, and enhanced by FlyWP’s docker-powered server management platform to reduce interference and elevate performance.

This platform utilizes docker to advance security, advance efficiency and decrease interruptions.

FlyWP is created, keeping developers in mind and enables you to involve yourself with Github, or manage and release your WordPress setup.

It completely provides Bedrock backing, shrinking configurations with sequenced broken down data.

A user can acquire the touch of Cron task Manager & arrange any email gateway with just touching once on the master-board.

Even it’s free to setup Cronjob scheduling & Improve iterative assignments automatic on every server easily.

The platform is full of developer tools like Bedrock support and a Cronjob Manager, which allows you to schedule tasks to run at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

Not only do we support hosting WordPress multisite networks including subdomains and subdirectories, but add new sites to your network at any time.

Say goodbye to manual updates with FlyWP, as we offer automatic plugin and theme update management for WordPress Core, themes, and plugins.

Additionally, leverage full-page caching and Redis to speed up your site and decrease load on your server databases, which then in turn increases site performance tremendously.

Use a control panel optimized for WordPress and manage your website seamlessly.

Every functionality you need to deploy and manage WordPress sites across any cloud provider; From A to Z, FlyWP’s got your back.

Manage websites like a master.

Get FlyWP today and enjoy it forever!

By the founders

Hello Sumo-lings! I am excited to introduce FlyWP to you all today Over the past 12 years, the team here at weDevs has been providing innovative solutions to help WordPress-based websites.

With more than 530k websites powered globally, we have identified several problems that WordPress developers encounter.

Therefore, we have been working on FlyWP with the main goal to reduce the workload as much as possible for WordPress users.

With FlyWP, it’s now easier than ever to host your WordPress website. Simply link your server to FlyWP, and we’ll handle everything else!
Allow us to explore the essence of FlyWP-
What is the purpose of FlyWP?
Simple Installation: Easily set up your server within a few minutes; complex setup steps are not necessary.
– Designed for Developers: Created by developers, and includes state-of-the-art features for debugging and improving performance.
“Experience rapid loading speeds comparable to The Flash, thanks to the effectiveness of our robust caching solution.”
Solid protection: fortify your website using advanced functions such as backups, firewalls, and SSL certificates.

Seamless Cloud Integration: Operates perfectly with top-tier cloud platforms and tailored servers.
– Managing Teams: Effortlessly handle user access, giving permissions based on different levels.

FlyWP is more than just hosting; it’s:
Plainly put: Prioritize enhancing how you use WordPress, as opposed to merely maintaining your website.

Quick: Offer a seamless experience for your audience.

Security is important for maintaining the safety and integrity of your

Tareq_FlyWP's other message

Could you please provide me the establishment year of your company and the location? We emerged in 2012 with a large vision.

We developed Dokan Multivendor, WP User Frontend, WP Project Manager, WP ERP, Appsero, weMail, and FlyWP.

We passion for WordPress plugins and SaaS solutions make our company powerful for more than 12+ years and empowering more than 650K+ customers.

Our team of innovators works tirelessly to ensure that WordPress is equipped to handle the most complex business challenges.

Our efforts are dedicated to creating SaaS products and customizing WordPress to help your business reach new levels of success.

In order to support small businesses worldwide, we produce unconventional equipment.

We specialize in generating WordPress add-ons and SaaS infrastructure and dedicate a lot of effort to WordPress.

We put our thoughts into action by combining the most recent experimental approaches with the established industry standards to produce superior add-ons that provide assistance to commerce, business, the implementation of business policies, and SaaS framework.

We are advocates of simplicity and aesthetics.

Therefore, everything produced by us is made with the customer in mind providing them with a simplistic approach, and also delivering to the customers their current needs.

What were some of the projects, failures, or successes you are proud of, and would like to share from your career?From the very beginning, weDevs has been a trusted name in WordPress solutions, and our plugins have brought countless users’ websites and untold hours of work to head-turning results.

Dokan, our leading product, is the most advanced and powerful multivendor marketplace software available for WordPress.

As the number one choice for WordPress, Dokan transforms your existing website into a comprehensive, fully functioning, e-commerce marketplace, allowing you to make money from your valuable asset.

However, the adventure doesn’t stop with these.

Delve deeper into productivity and efficiency with WP Project Manager, your pro assistant in professional project management.

Taking the tasks out of hand, tracking the progress down and fueling up the collaboration like never before – WP Project Manager is the streamlined solution you have ever wished for.


Revolutionize your WordPress site management and bid farewell to server headaches with the FlyWP Lifetime Deal! This exclusive offer at just $49 with a one-time purchase is a steal you can’t afford to miss.

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity by clicking the button below to grab your special deal now.

Elevate your WordPress experience and soar high with FlyWP!

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FAQ about FlyWP

What is FlyWP?

FlyWP is the ultimate docker-powered server management platform designed to elevate your WordPress site to new heights.

It offers optimal performance and flexibility, making it a top choice for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their website management.

With FlyWP, you can expect enhanced speed, security, and scalability for your WordPress site, ensuring a seamless user experience for your visitors.

Invest in FlyWP today and take your online presence to the next level!

Is FlyWP worth it?

Yes, FlyWP is definitely worth it! With FlyWP, you can bid farewell to server headaches and embrace easy WordPress site management.

Enjoy unlimited test sites and access to development tools like continuous “git push.” It’s a game-changer for simplifying your WordPress experience.

Say hello to hassle-free website management with FlyWP!

Does FlyWP offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, FlyWP is currently offering Lifetime Deals on AppSumo.

Normally priced at $250, you can avail it with a one-time payment of just $49.

This deal provides great value for those looking to enhance their WordPress website with powerful features and functionalities.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

Who Should Purchase FlyWP?

FlyWP is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their WordPress site management and save money.

With features like unlimited test sites and easy server management, FlyWP eliminates server hassles and offers seamless WordPress site handling.

Say goodbye to complexities and hello to a user-friendly experience with FlyWP!

Does FlyWP offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Yes, FlyWP offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on AppSumo.

FlyWP provides easy WordPress site management, unlimited test sites, and ensures a hassle-free experience with server management.

Say goodbye to server headaches with FlyWP’s user-friendly platform!

20 reviews for FlyWP Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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  1. 1 (verified owner)

    A simple, easy-to-use portal allows me to connect my OVH server to FlyWP and create WordPress sites. This setup is not nearly as laborious as the Plesk installation in the past, and it saves me money.At first, we had a few issues, such as Custom SSL Certificates, but those were part of our plans and would be resolved soon, as indicated in our roadmap at AWS Route53 provided me with a hosting zone for a domain name that I didn’t register in time. It assured me that the ‘A’ record had propagated and that it would take just 72 hours for that propagation to happen all around the world. Still, my website was not accessible. I did a DNS check using the tool at and could immediately see the problem. Unfortunately, I must admit that I wasted the FlyWP team’s time by creating a support ticket on their end when the issue really lay with my own setup.The responses I received to my help tickets were good enough and came in at the right price—I just had to be patient for them. AWS, on the other hand, didn’t give me much guidance, as I hadn’t paid them for it, and OVH is literally a do-it-yourself operation. I ended up using a freelancer for the same kind of support, and it turned out to be a more cost-effective solution for me.It is comforting to know that even if FlyWP were to become unavailable, my website would still operate because the domain name system (DNS) directs traffic to my Ubuntu 22.04 server, which hosts the Docker containers for my WordPress site. The creation process allows me to copy the WP admin password and not just rely on the convenience of the FlyWP magic links, as I have done in the past.I am excited about the potential of Kubernetes, clustering, and the API in relation to Flywheel’s infrastructure. I can see how these might work together to allow us to create new features and kinds of sites. In particular, the site blueprints and smart update concepts seem very cool.

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  2. neopoole1 (verified owner)

    The product is user-friendly and packed with features, with promises of even more to come. I set up my own private virtual server, and all I had to do was put in the very latest Ubuntu OS, following it up with the code I’d pasted in from Flywp.ubuntu if you will. We know it’s the best WP experience you can get on what is known as “the LAMP stack.”Adding new websites, managing updates, and handling all the other cloud-related tasks—such as DNS, security, and so on—are much easier and straightforward with runcloud. It is quite the little system.While Nextcloud does not come with an email server built right in, this is not much of a limitation, given the wealth of free email providers who will gladly serve up hundreds of emails for you each day. You can also opt to set up an email server on your VPS—if you just have to have full control over the whole shebang. But let me frame it this way: Is it really such a good idea to reenact one of the more predictable plot twists in “Hacking for Dummies,” where some scenario leads to your emails not being sent?If you use email, you have plenty of free options to choose from for service providers.

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  3. PhillipD (verified owner)

    The digital agency I manage is rapidly expanding, and we primarily offer WordPress as the web development solution for our clients. With our hectic work pace, any tool we can use to help manage our growing number of client websites is welcome. The service provided by FlyWP allows us to use the relatively inexpensive servers offered by Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean, among others. But the really nice part is that interface. It’s easy to install and straightforward to use, and we’re notified of each server’s health.

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  4. tamphayhai (verified owner)

    – flywp is both fast and easy to use. It only requires one command line for the installation process, and it is performed automatically. I was surprised by how quickly it was done, as it only took 3 minutes to install the whole server. But that’s not all; the process of installing a new WordPress website is even faster, taking less than 1 minute to complete. On top of that, flywp also automates the installation of the fastcgi cache and Redis cache, making it even more of a breeze to get started.

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  5. steven983 (verified owner)

    I am primarily a Cpanel user and do not utilize 75% of what it offers. That is why Fly WP piqued my interest. FlyWP focuses entirely on WordPress, and it makes the installation process of new websites much more straightforward. Support has been good (although I haven’t had to use it much), and the user interface is super-easy to understand. One thing you should know is that it lacks an email server (which could be set up through SMTP using a third party, though). Also, FlyWP does require servers with at least 1GB of RAM, so if you’ve got a server with only 512MB, you’re out of luck. I think this is a great product, and I’m excited to see what happens with it in the future. 5 Tacos!

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  6. luzi (verified owner)

    What exactly is FlyWP? Is it a web hosting management tool, or is it a WordPress plugin? It’s hard to say. And I think that’s because it functions as a little bit of both of those things—yet feels somehow like neither. And I’m saying all this not even six months after FlyWP’s initial release. That may not seem to be adding up to a ringing endorsement, but it’s definitely meant to indicate that there’s some meat to this little baby that’s worth gnawing on for a while—because FlyWP just may be the next great thing in hosting for a bunch of different reasons.

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  7. GustavoMadrid (verified owner)

    Ventajas: El sitio web es muy fácil de usar y tiene un diseño sencillo. La integración con otras plataformas es sumamente sencilla y se lleva a cabo en pocos pasos. Puede crear su página web en cuestión de minutos.

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  8. McKenzie (verified owner)

    I have used many different server management panels—ranging from the free, Command Line Interface (CLI) panel called Centminmod (still excellent, by the way)—all the way to managed panels like Cloudways and RunCloud that I use for client sites. So, when I learned about FlyWP—a managed WordPress automation panel—I thought I struck gold and was eager to put it to the test.

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  9. jackarmstrong (verified owner)

    I absolutely love FlyWP! It was super simple to connect and set up my Vultr server. And the integrated apps feature made getting WordPress deployed a breeze. But what I was most surprised by was just how smooth the entire process was. Going from nothing to a completely functional and well-performing WordPress site has never been more enjoyable. And the best part is, the sweet UI and even sweeter set of functional features allowed me to manage both my new server and my deployed dream site. In short, FlyWP is a serious recommendation!

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  10. lamlai (verified owner)

    ARM sets me apart, and I have now included FlyWP on my list of services that I use, which also includes CloudPages, BunnyShell, ServerAvatar, and xCloud. I may upgrade the plan I’m on to their Tier 2 plan.

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  11. Wasabis (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with a lack of disk space and instances on my current provider. This issue has now been resolved.

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  12. ColdZer0 (verified owner)

    The WordPress-hosting solution, FlyWP, is exceptional. It is a well-oiled, clean piece of software that is very reliable when it comes to serving a WordPress website to the internet. It is reliable enough to recommend using it as a hosting option when one is working with either a DigitalOcean or an AWS setup.

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  13. 105629884233755038010 (verified owner)

    The tool works very well. It is easy to use and does what it claims it will do. I’m excited for the forthcoming enhancements they’ve marked along their route since it might restore a backup from the interface.

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  14. dome.m (verified owner)

    I don’t think it’s quite ready for production yet, but the potential is definitely there. It seems to have been built from the ground up with a clear focus on using Docker containers. I also like the fact that it seems to be expressly designed to work well on ARM servers, which should make for an affordable and scalable deployment.

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  15. pprx10 (verified owner)

    I typically employ Plesk Obsidian when working with my server. Even so, it’s occasionally necessary to establish a server somewhere else, obtain a license, and set things up from scratch. That’s when I found FlyWP.Initially, I experimented with two virtual processors on an Intel platform, coupled with 40 gigabytes of storage. This allowed me to get a clear picture of how the implementation works and how straight-forward it is. Following that, I added another server to the mix, but this time I used an Ampere ARM processor. It was also easy to work with.I put a theme on that needed a max_input_vars of 3000; I was able to get it refined, though. I also threw a few domains on the server and they all ran just fine. With Ubuntu and Docker sitting in between all the websites, there were never any meddling or crossing of wires. Object cache is just as jive as can be, too.I bought BerqWP here, and it’s just plain good when you install it at the end of your web design. I did this using nothing more than a two-virtual-CPU cloud server, on the minimum setting. And because it’s good for both personal and professional use, I think it’s a must-buy kind of thing.In just a few days, you can also install other backup service providers that are compatible with S3. In my opinion, the interface is really quite good, better even than some older systems. So far, I am very happy with FlyWP.

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  16. 5unnykum4r (verified owner)

    I just began using FlyWP, and it is functioning without any problems for me. I have transferred many websites from cPanel/CloudPanel to FlyWP, and the results are fantastic. The response times and speed of my sites have improved noticeably. I definitely have a bit more to do, but for those who want to get the desired result and are spending on their WordPress sites, I highly recommend FlyWP over the alternatives.

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  17. quangvinh.glory (verified owner)

    The product roadmap demonstrates a commitment to improving user accessibility, driving innovation, and expanding the capabilities of the platform. It promises a more robust, user-centric, and extensible product.

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  18. Gerson45243 (verified owner)

    As soon as you log in to FlyWP, you can see that it is a product that has a lot of thought and expertise put into it. Although it is in its early stages and there are some minor issues or room for improvement in certain areas, it is overall an excellent start to what will likely be an even better finished product. The updates and open lines of communication that they keep with their users in the Facebook group are very reassuring. I also take it as a good sign that they use Docker for site isolation.

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  19. Taz (verified owner)

    I had high hopes for this tool, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. It’s clearly a work in progress, and I encountered numerous glitches and failures right from the start. When I bought it, I couldn’t even get my account activated. Then there were the failed migrations—around 20 of them. Even if you make it past those hurdles, you’re still left with a tool that, in my experience, just doesn’t do much. For the problems, I’d give it 1 star. But for the interface, I’d give it 3. So let’s call it 2 stars, and I’ll soon be asking for my money back.

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  20. cbesett (verified owner)

    If you have servers of your own, it really is in your best interest to take a look at this platform. It is conceived so ingeniously, is so all-encompassing, and offers such time-savings when it comes to platform management that it makes you think, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along?” The product is not only fully functional, but also still in the active phase of its development, with plenty of improvements and integrations with other services planned. I had a great, responsive and time-saving user experience with FlyWP. Two thumbs up, guys.

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    FlyWP Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
    FlyWP Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

    Original price was: $250.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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