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Protect Your Ad Budget And Maximize ROI With ClickFreeze

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The presence of click farms manipulating the engagement statistics of your campaigns may cause you to long for the days when trolls used to leave funny comments.

However, the reality is that these fake clicks are depleting your advertising budget, negatively impacting your metrics, and pressuring your marketing team to increase spending.

This underscores the importance of utilizing a tool that can identify click fraud, optimize earnings, and seek reimbursements from Google for invalid traffic.

Introducing ClickFreeze.


Say goodbye to fake clicks and wasted ad spend with ClickFreeze – the ultimate protection for your ad campaigns.

– Say goodbye to fake clicks and bots ruining your ad campaigns with ClickFreeze!
– Boost your ad performance and save money by eliminating fraudulent traffic.
– Stay one step ahead of click farms and fake users with ClickFreeze’s live traffic fraud level dashboard.
– Don’t let bots take over your advertising budget – try ClickFreeze now!

My Review

I have rated ClickFreeze 5.00 stars out of 5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, which is normally priced at $468, is now available to me for just $39- a -92% discount.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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ClickFreeze Overview

## Protect Your Ad Campaigns with ClickFreeze

If you’re running ad campaigns on Google, you know how critical it is to ensure your budget is optimized and that you’re getting the most out of your ad spend.

One major challenge that advertisers face is the issue of fake clicks and bots, which can drain your budget and negatively impact campaign performance.

That’s where ClickFreeze comes in.

### Identify and Prevent Fraudulent Clicks

ClickFreeze offers a powerful solution to protect your ad campaigns against fake clicks and bots, giving you peace of mind and helping you achieve better results.

With ClickFreeze, you can set up tracking URLs for your Google ad campaigns, allowing you to closely monitor the performance of your ads.

This feature alone can be a game-changer, as it provides you with live snapshots of fraudulent clicks, giving you actionable insights to take immediate corrective measures.

### Save Thousands with Fraud Detection

One of the standout features of ClickFreeze is its ability to detect fraud across all your ad campaigns.

By identifying and blocking fraudulent activity, ClickFreeze can potentially save you thousands of dollars on ad spend.

The platform automatically adds offending IP addresses to a block list using Google API, ensuring that fraudsters are kept at bay.

### Customize Protection Settings

ClickFreeze offers you full control over your ad campaign protection settings.

You can choose to apply the same protection settings across all your campaigns or secure specific ones.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the level of protection based on your unique needs.

With ClickFreeze, you can safeguard your campaigns against dangerous users, blacklisted users, fake VPNs, proxies, and suspicious IP addresses.

### Monitor Traffic Quality

In addition to protecting your ad campaigns, ClickFreeze lets you monitor the quality of your website traffic.

By adding a tracking pixel to your website, you gain valuable insights into the visitors’ behavior and can easily assess the legitimacy of the traffic you’re receiving.

This feature enables you to detect known attackers, suspicious behavior, competitor clicks, and click farms before they negatively impact your ad spend.

### Request Refunds for Bad Traffic

While Google does its best to filter out fake traffic, it isn’t foolproof.

This means that you may still be wasting money on a daily basis.

However, with ClickFreeze, you have the power to request refunds for bad ad traffic from Google.

By generating a comprehensive traffic report that lists out the bad IP addresses, you can effectively demonstrate the invalid traffic and request the refunds you deserve.

### Optimize Your Google Ad Spend

ClickFreeze is the ultimate tool to help you monitor fraudulent activity, identify fake users, and optimize your Google ad spend.

By protecting your ads from click fraud, you can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and ensure that your budget is being utilized efficiently.

Don’t let fake clicks and bots undermine your advertising efforts.

Get lifetime access to ClickFreeze today and take control of your ad campaigns like never before!

By the founders

Greetings, Sumo-lings! Our team is excited to join the AppSumo community and introduce you to ClickFreeze.

As a cybersecurity expert with 30 years of experience, I have developed this solution to address the challenge of blocking bots and fake users online.

ClickFreeze is not just another cybersecurity tool.

It is meticulously crafted to recognize and neutralize bots and fake users at a network level.

This proactive protection saves you time and resources.

What does this mean for you, the business owner or marketer? ClickFreeze offers two significant benefits.

First, it helps you save money on your campaigns by ensuring that your ad spend is directed towards genuine interactions.

Second, it improves the performance and return on ad spend by eliminating fraudulent activity.

With ClickFreeze, you can take control of your campaigns, protect your budget, and achieve better results.

Welcome to ClickFreeze, where every click counts.

David Allouch's other message

– Founded at the end of 2022 in Israel
– Past projects include building and selling a cyber security startup in the 90s, going public on the Israeli stock market in 2008
– Team size: 6 developers and 3 marketers
– 100% bootstrapped
– Not critically dependent on any third-party tools
– Customer data is stored on servers in Israel for up to 4 months
– Current monthly recurring revenue is around $30k, with around 100 users
– The idea for the product originated from the need to prevent bots and fake users from clicking on campaigns
– The product solves the problem of click fraud by analyzing billions of entries from worldwide sources
– Looking to gain exposure and awareness through the AppSumo campaign
– Plans to expand to more verticals and provide data to other solution providers
– Clarification about the refund claim of Google for ad campaigns


Don’t let your ad budget go to waste! With the ClickFreeze Lifetime Deal, you can protect your investment and maximize your ROI for just $39 with a one-time purchase.

This exclusive offer won’t last forever, so grab it now by clicking below.

Safeguard your ad spend and watch your profits soar with ClickFreeze!

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FAQ about ClickFreeze

What is ClickFreeze?

ClickFreeze is a powerful tool designed to combat fake clicks and prevent wasted ad spend.

It provides ultimate protection for your ad campaigns by detecting and blocking fraudulent clicks in real time, ensuring that your budget is utilized effectively.

ClickFreeze comes highly recommended for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their ROI and maintain the integrity of their online advertising efforts.

Say goodbye to fraudulent activities and hello to a more secure and successful ad campaign with ClickFreeze!

Is ClickFreeze worth it?

Yes, ClickFreeze is definitely worth it! This tool helps you combat fake clicks and bots that can harm your ad campaigns.

By using ClickFreeze, you can enhance your ad performance, save money by reducing fraudulent traffic, and ensure that your marketing efforts are reaching real audiences.

It’s a smart investment to protect the effectiveness of your online advertising strategies.

Does ClickFreeze offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, ClickFreeze does offer a Lifetime Deal currently on AppSumo.

Typically priced at $468, you can snag it for just $39 with a one-time payment.

This deal provides great value for those looking to enhance their website analytics and conversion rate optimization tools.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

Who Should Purchase ClickFreeze?

ClickFreeze is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their ad spend by eliminating fake clicks and bot traffic.

With features designed to boost ad performance, ClickFreeze ensures your campaigns are reaching real audiences, helping you save money and increase ROI.

Say goodbye to wasted ad dollars with ClickFreeze!

Does ClickFreeze offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

ClickFreeze is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their ad spend by eliminating fake clicks and bot traffic.

With features designed to boost ad performance, ClickFreeze ensures your campaigns are reaching real audiences, helping you save money and increase ROI.

Say goodbye to wasted ad dollars with ClickFreeze!

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ClickFreeze Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
ClickFreeze Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

Original price was: $468.00.Current price is: $39.00.

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