BackupBliss Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

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Simplify Your Website Management With BackupBliss

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Losing all the content on your website is a terrifying prospect.

Sadly, this fear persists due to the lack of backups.

Regularly updating your website means that sporadic manual backups won’t prevent the need to begin from scratch.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a WordPress plugin that could handle backups, migrations, and staging effortlessly? Introducing BackupBliss.


Don’t let website mishaps keep you up at night.

BackupBliss has your back with easy backups and secure migrations for your WordPress site.

– Say goodbye to the stress of managing backups and migrations with BackupBliss!
– Never worry about losing your precious site data again – BackupBliss has got you covered.
– Unlock the power of seamless site migrations and staging environments with just one click!
– Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool for all WordPress users!

My Review

I have rated BackupBliss 5.00 stars/5 on AppSumo.

This specialized tool, which is normally priced at $160, is now available to me for just $49 – a 69% discount.

Additionally, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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BackupBliss Overview

The BackupBliss plugin, designed for WordPress, allows users to easily handle their site backups and migrate their sites while also ensuring the protection of them.

With BackupBliss, generating a backup of your site is as simple as pushing a button – and it takes only seconds to do! Not only that, but you have the option to create manual backups whenever suits you best.

With just a few clicks, automated site backups can be configured to occur at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Select the contents of your backup, such as plugins, themes, and uploaded media.

Additionally, use either inclusion or exclusion rules to ensure exactness.

Moreover, this plugin allows you to determine the position of your duplicates.

This can be done in the local space of your web server or directly in your Google Drive.

Quickly establish your initial backup through the simplicity of the graphical user interface (GUI).

Then, compile all completed backups in a single tab, showcasing the date, name, size, and locations, of each stored backup.

What’s even more impressive is that you can lock your backups to make sure they won’t be deleted and that you won’t lose access to versions of your website that matter.

Once the need arises, it takes just seconds to restore any backup.

You have the flexibility to do either partial restores, which only replace parts of your site, or full restores.

Supervise and renew your website backups in a specific tab.

Do you not know how any changes you can begin to plan? If you like you can build a staging area or ground where you can begin to experiment.

Select the location where the staging site will be stored—whether it will be stored on your server and domain, or on an external server.

Moreover, BackupBliss streamlines the process of turning your testing site into the live version.

Staging sites should be created to test various design and layout tweaks.

You can also modify the language of the plugin, as it supports more than 20 languages, such as French, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.

You can save as many duplicates as you like for as long as you like.

Only your server or Google Drive space will decide how many you will have access to.

Since BackupBliss offers excellent customer service to help you fix any problems, you don’t have to worry about minor details.

BackupBliss provides automatic backup, simple recovery, and development site support, which all work to shield your website from data loss.

By the founders

Hello there, Sumo-lings! This is Nick, the creator of, the enterprise that developed

This is a plugin for WordPress which makes it an absolute cinch to back up websites, to migrate them and to create staging sites at your pleasure.

We are excited to be on AppSumo finally!

What sets it apart from other plugins in the market? It’s not just a backup solution; A super slick and fast one at that.

Try it out here! It’s very easy to set up and use and it works great right from the get-go.

It’s not limited to just backups of course, it also allows you to restore and migrate your websites as fast as creating backups.

If you’re running your blog or online business and you ever caught yourself wanting to tinker with your website but not having a test site to do it, this allows you to create a staging site on your own server or on a third-party server (TasteWP) without the need to have the fear of messing something up. We made WordPress backup easy.

We’re sick of creating backups being stressful and elusive, so we made the process very easy for you.

On the Design page, Demo, you can see a working version of our backup plugin. We’re not lying.

Our Backup plugin file zip is only 587 KB.

The other plugins are over 5 MB.

Think about how that could benefit you in time, bandwidth, and storage. What makes a good plugin? Time and community feedback.

We’ve been in the top 100 plugins for 3 years straight without dropping out of it even once that just isn’t luck, we know what we’re doing and are confident that you will be satisfied. We’re not a fly-by-night company, we’re people who care about you and our business and we look forward to a long-term relationship. Need something unusual done with your backup and restore and clone and staging? Just write us! Our support guys are the best to solve your issue. Try using a product from a prime company.

We have one address, one company, and hefty physical servers to sustain any load.

However, the most significant benefit may result from incorporating these various points, which will help you create an effective and secure backup service that will let you sleep soundly at night.

Snatch this offer at once, it’s a one-time opportunity!

Nick_BackupBliss's other message

Do you know the founding date and location of your company?
The organization’s establishment happened in 2016 and it operates out of Malta.

What previous projects, failures, or achievements have you experienced in your professional journey?
There have been countless failures, but there have also been some successes, a few of which are detailed at

How many members does your team have?
30, of which 18 are for developers, and the remaining are to satisfy the developers (and clients).

Have you received funding or are you self-funded?
Individual investors
On which third-party tools is your product heavily reliant?
Can life function properly in the absence of ChatGPT?
Can you tell me where your customer data is kept?
The country of Germany
What is the current number of customers that you are serving today?
For all services greater than 10 million, around 100k for BackupBliss.

Where did the idea for your product come from?
Attend to your own need


Don’t let this opportunity slip away! BackupBliss is here to revolutionize your website management, all at an unbeatable price of just $49 with a one-time purchase.

Simplify your life and ensure your website’s safety with ease.

Click that button now to secure this exclusive deal and say hello to a stress-free website management experience with BackupBliss!

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FAQ about BackupBliss

What is BackupBliss?

BackupBliss is a lifesaver for entrepreneurs worried about website mishaps.

It offers seamless backups and secure migrations for WordPress sites, ensuring peace of mind.

Don’t lose sleep over potential disasters – let BackupBliss take care of your website needs effortlessly.

Is BackupBliss worth it?

Yes, BackupBliss is absolutely worth it! Say goodbye to the stress of managing backups and migrations with BackupBliss! Never worry about losing your precious site data again – BackupBliss has got you covered.

With its reliable and efficient services, you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands.

Don’t hesitate to invest in the peace of mind that BackupBliss provides.

Does BackupBliss offer a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, BackupBliss does offer a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

Usually priced at $160, you can snag it for just $49 with a one-time payment.

It’s a great opportunity to secure a powerful backup solution at an unbeatable price.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

Who Should Purchase BackupBliss?

Entrepreneurs looking to save time and money should purchase BackupBliss.

With features like stress-free backup management and seamless migrations, BackupBliss ensures your website is always secure.

Say goodbye to the fear of losing important data with BackupBliss by your side!

Does BackupBliss offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Entrepreneurs looking to save time and money should purchase BackupBliss.

With features like stress-free backup management and seamless migrations, BackupBliss ensures your website is always secure.

Say goodbye to the fear of losing important data with BackupBliss by your side!

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BackupBliss Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?
BackupBliss Lifetime Deal 2024: Are They Offering LTD?

Original price was: $160.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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